Ireland’s fright of the wild Greeks

Saying “Ireland is not Greece” is an exercise in the Saussurean semantics of negative differential relations. Manus Lenihan pulls the politics out from behind the rhetorical retreat.

Stand up? Fed up.

The Union of Students in Ireland, argues Mark O’Meara, is still failing to defend those who need strong union representation; and the rot is spreading.

What is the alternative to austerity?

With a march against austerity planned by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions this weekend Michael Taft, research officer at Unite trade union, discusses the alternative to the next round of cuts and tax increases.

No further, and never again

Ian Curran on why we should get angry at the Irish government’s failures in the Savita Halappanavar case and its inaction in the face of Israeli aggression against Gaza, and then do something about it.

Social enterprise and revolution are central to children’s rights

The need for a healthy balance and perspective when discussing relationships between adults and children is urgent and glaring, not least because of the acutely material social, spiritual, moral,  physical and economic inequalities that lie at the heart of such matters. How have the People of Ireland fared during the Children’s Referendum deliberations? This article […]

Breaking down university rankings

With her experience of business backing mining and petroleum exploration over other studies, geology student Francesca Mirolo says university rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Intrigue of Loyola

An anonymous author close to the events surrounding the establishment of the Loyola Institute in this university writes about the unholy trinity of church, cash and college that led to it and its negative effects on degrees.

There’s Nothing Realistic about the Alternatives to Free Fees

“The ‘free fees’ stance is by far the most sensible starting point for students to support. It allows the government to clearly understand the priorities of the student movement: to protect students’ interests.”

Time to Unite Behind our Decision and Fight for Free Education

“It is our mission as students and student representatives to embrace our newly clarified policy, unite behind the single banner of the USI and continue the fight.”

Free Fees: Chasing the Rainbow

“We shouldn’t be chasing rainbows: the Irish taxpayer simply cannot afford to send us all to college for free.”


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