Holy crap? Should The Bible get so much lecture air-time

In a modern, multi-faith, multi-cultural world is it right to use The Bible the main literary reference point? Saphora Smith investigates.

Agony Uncle Jamie – Million Pound Conundrum

Here our in-house Agony Uncle, Jamie, passes on sage advice to readers’ struggling with sex, relationship and lifestyle issues.

Flying Without Fear

With all this miserable weather around many of us are already looking forward, with hungry anticipation, to a summer spent basking in the sun of some foreign land. For most the notion of “sun, sand and sangria” sounds like nothing other than idyllic paradise; but for roughly 6.5% of the college community it’s a terrifying […]

Politically correct: Ireland has gone PD

Matthew Taylor has fond memories of the now defunct Progressive Democratic, which rocked the Irish political scene in the 1980s.

Head to head: USI membership

Every fortnight two Trinity students pit themselves against each other on a major issue in higher education. In this issue, Ronan Richardson and Grace O’Malley discuss the upcoming referendum on USI Membership.

Turkey voting for East/West isthmus

For decades Turkey has been pursuing membership to the coalition of nations known as the European Union. As a young European with a vested interest in Europe’s future, the futility, thus far, of this pursuit troubles me.

A letter from the Provost: the financial situation

Dear Staff and Students – You are all aware from the media reports that the country is facing challenges which require drastic action on every front and we as a university will have our part to play. Given the crucial role which high-quality university education will play in bringing the country out of recession, I […]

Old Trinity: Good-humoured rioting on degree day

By Peter Henry Any sensible person ought to be irritated by the perpetuation of fabricated stories of university traditions. I have met a graduate who claims to know the student who invented the “you can shoot Catholics from that window” story. And walking under the Campanile will cause you to fail your examinations? They have […]

The Public Editor: Endorsing a candidate

An editorial entitled “Endorsement for Election Candidate” in the third issue of Trinity News informed the reader that the paper does not intend to endorse a candidate for the election of a new Provost in April on the grounds that “ such a practice is now anachronistic, and in conflict with our aim of impartiality.” […]

Old Trinity: The College at prayer

By Peter Henry DIVINE worship was once an integral part of college life. An early 18th-century English translation of the college’s statutes allows us to see how this was so, with its detail on the routine of prayers here. Robert Bolton’s 1709 translation gives the college’s schedule of supplication: “Prayers shall be publickly offered up […]


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