The Church, the state and 800 dead babies

Naoise Dolan discusses state and church complicity in the Tuam infant burial scandal.

Not our fight: the complicity of silence

Naoise Dolan on the importance of calling out bigotry

Elliot Rodger and Male Entitlement

Sarah Malone analyses the connection between masculinity and sexual aggression

A letter to my Labour Party TD

TCD graduate says he has lost faith in Labour

Computer Says No

James Bennett, a man and not a number, rails against the black hole bureaucracy that is Trinity College.

Why reality TV works

With a passion for Geordie Shore and The Hills, Conor Scully makes the case for reality TV.

Let’s not pick sides on Israel-Palestine

In a response to an article in the previous issue of TN, Ryan Connolly argues that the one-sided perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict do more harm than good.

I don’t want to change the world…

The SU should be focusing more on student issues like library hours, and less on unachievable political campaigns. Maxime Bercholz isn’t looking for a new Ireland, he’s just looking for a new SU.

Troubled Waters

In the wake of John Waters’ resignation from The Irish Times, Conor McGlynn cautions against instituting a new era of censorship in Ireland.

The Phil have distorted the real story about the Nick Griffin affair

In 2010, 214 million people around the world lived outside of their country of origin. Most were forced to leave because of economic and political forces beyond their control. Migration is one of the great issues of our time and it’s vital that we discuss it. I have done so many times, in my political […]


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