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Ryan Connolly questions the usefulness of the Phil and the Hist for real debate and suggests an alternative.

The week-ness of SU campaigns

Eva Short on the failure of the SU’s equality and diversity week, and of SU campaign’s in general.

Face off: Is eating meat ethically justified?

Rachel Graham and Mikey Kemp debate whether vegetarians are in the right, or whether they are two carrots short of a meat and two veg.

Why students should oppose Feargal Quinn’s bill

William Foley urges students to unite with the labour movement and oppose its enemies

Social Entrepreneurship is not the answer

Keith Anthony O’Neill argues that social entrepreneurship comes from a good place but is not the answer to society’s problems

Is facebook a false reality?

Is facebook just another node in the VR matrix? Alice Kinsella ponders whether we prefer the comforts of illusion to the chill winds of the desert of the real.

250 years of Wolfe Tone

Cassandra Murtagh, secretary of the Wolfe Tone Cumann, examines the historical significance of one of College’s most rebellious alumni.


Is Gerry Adams telling the whole truth about his involvement with the McConville murder and his connections to the IRA? Callum Jenkins plumbs the murky depths of the Troubles.

What the Tom Lenihan debate says about Trinity

William Foley questions the cosy consensus that stifles critical engagement with Trinity life.

Devil’s Advocate: Legalise drugs

Stephen Stack makes the case for freeing the weed and all the other drugs.


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