Is feminism a dirty word?

Doireann Conghaile


Feminism is, almost inevitably, a loaded word. As a historical movement now in its fourth wave, the term itself has many connotations spanning over a hundred years – from the Suffragettes to Simone de Beauvoir, to Caitlin …

Better in than out

Rory O’Donoghue

Staff Writer

Lock all the doors, cover over the windows, close all entry points! The hoards of immigrants are coming and they are armed with EU regulations to destroy life as we know it!”

I accept that this …

Hands off our tax rate

Conor McGlynn

Deputy Comment Editor

The popular media narrative around Ireland’s corporate tax regime is a myth that won’t be put to rest. The latest round of tax-bashing has been kicked off by Yahoo’s decision to move their financial operations …

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