HEAD2HEAD: Gun regulations in the US

For – Emma Rodgers Nothing will change if gun laws stay the same. Americans deserve to be safe, but bearing arms does more harm than good   After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in December 2012, everyone hoped that such an event would never happen again, but it did. In fact, those of us […]

Student loans: a blight that we should not spread

  Following the €47.5m increase in higher education funding in the budget, three options have taken centre stage as possible structural solutions to university funding crisis in Ireland: a state-funded system, in which student contributions are abolished, increased state funding with a continuation of student fees (similar to the current system), or a student loan […]

Christmas and the homelessness crisis

In recent weeks, An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has claimed that Ireland has a low level of homelessness compared to Ireland’s “peer countries”. There are various methods and measures that Ireland’s “peer countries” use to measure the rate of homelessness, so much so that it is particularly meaningless to compare our rates of homelessness to Germany, […]

Christmas isn’t just about family

Four years ago, on the night before Christmas Eve I posted on facebook that I didn’t think my family could go for another two hours without someone bursting into tears (as a joke). Roughly five minutes later, my then eleven year old sister (accidently) got kicked in the shins by my then 13 year old […]

Students should support the GSU strike

  The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) is planning a strike to protest an increase in fees by 5% for postgraduates this coming year. For most of you, that means that you’ll be able to miss a tutorial without the usual sense of guilt.   But the GSU hasn’t just jumped out onto the stage and […]

In defence of arts degrees

The Arts Block/Hamilton divide is evident here in Trinity. These two main sections of campus give rise to two totally different cultures: the fashionable, eccentric Arts Block versus the practical, grounded Hamilton. Just last week, I, a humble student of history and politics, made a rare venture into the Hamilton to collect a friend of […]

Why are disability rights such a non-issue for politicians?

What is the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) and why should you care? It’s a valid question. Why should you care about a UN Convention that so many people know nothing about?   The reality is that disabilities, on campus and in our country, are swept under the carpet or […]

Kevin Keane’s focus on Repeal is killing student activism

In many ways, the “Fresh” debacle is typical of TCDSU’s actions this year. Every student received a self-congratulatory email implementing a change that no one seems to have wanted, and with Kevin Keane’s name conspicuously at the bottom of the email.   When he faces criticism for having spent time and resources on removing the […]

‘Freshman’ to ‘Fresh’: more inclusive or too sensitive?

When I first read that ‘Freshman’ was being changed to ‘Fresh’, I was shocked. I never considered the term to be offensive, nor thought that it needed a change. Upon self-reflection I feared that maybe I had turned to the archaism that I always feared. Maybe my beliefs were beyond progress and I was merely […]

Head to head: Should students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU?

Yes, students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU – Ríain Fitzsimmons   Students should not be forced to be a member of an organisation that they do not want to be a part of; that is the simple position of the Students’ Union Opt Out Project (SUOOP). It is with this simple principle in mind […]


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