Mo’ money, mo’ gender problems?

Aine O’Connell criticises charity fund-raising campaigns which implicitly promote sexist attitudes and the objectification of women

Wolf Gang: all bark and no bite

A pretentious front for big business to deal in depoliticised revolt and subversion; John Kennedy explores the failings of the hipster subculture as a scene and as a movement.

Devil’s Advocate: Why charity is wrong

William Foley explores why charity is good in practice, but not good enough in theory.

Voting No: Opposing the Presidential Impeachment Referendum

James Ringland, campaign manager for the No side, writes on why students should not vote to impeach Tom Lenihan.

Excuses, Excuses?

In the first of our SU referendum pieces, Alice Kinsella argues in favour of the impeachment of Students’ Union president Tom Lenihan.

Lessons in Irish republicanism from the Sinn Féin online store

Maurice John Casey explores Sinn Féin’s online store and draws conclusions about the state of contemporary republicanism.

Science and Arts: The Not-so-Great Divide

Science and Arts: implacable foes or secret buddies? James Prendergast sorts the sense from the nonsense.

Labour in terminal decline?

A litany of broken promises, public rebellions and embarrassing cock-ups have left the Labour Party in disarray. Conor McGlynn questions whether Labour will be able to turn around their fortunes and avert catastrophe before electoral wipeout.

Face-off #1: Smoking ban

Alice Kinsella and Rachel Graham duke it out over whether College should follow UCD’s lead and ban smoking on-campus.

“I Didn’t Think of That”

Like many public buildings, College’s disability infrastructure is insufficient and incomplete. Rory
O’Donoghue slams the “I didn’t think of that” attitude but strikes a hopeful note for positive change
in the future.


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