The Papal Whip

Do priests, like politicians, have a duty to toe a party line? Ryan Connolly argues that just as political parties may expect their members to adhere to key beliefs, the Church also has a right to insist that its public representatives give an honest account of its teachings.

Sinead vs. Miley (vs. The Business)

As the “Sinead vs. Miley” feud trundles on, Áine O’Connell probes the issues behind the online spat, and asks whether the music industry’s sexualisation of women forces female stars to act out in a certain way.

The Marriage Equality Debate

Emma Heyn and Ryan Connolly argue for either side of the same-sex marriage debate.

Why honesty is the best policy when dealing with mental health

Dealing with a mental illness is tough enough, even without the stigma. Alice Kinsella advocates how honesty is always the best policy.

Why the Kim regime should start making better tv

Maurice John Casey examines the subversive effects of foreign television on North Korean society.

Children’s rights: law, theory and first ladies

‘The phrase “children’s rights” is a slogan in search of definition […] it does not yet reflect any coherent doctrine regarding the status of children as political beings. Asserting that children are entitled to rights and enumerating their needs does not clarify the difficult issues surrounding children’s legal status. These issues of family autonomy and […]

Ireland’s fright of the wild Greeks

Saying “Ireland is not Greece” is an exercise in the Saussurean semantics of negative differential relations. Manus Lenihan pulls the politics out from behind the rhetorical retreat.

Stand up? Fed up.

The Union of Students in Ireland, argues Mark O’Meara, is still failing to defend those who need strong union representation; and the rot is spreading.

What is the alternative to austerity?

With a march against austerity planned by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions this weekend Michael Taft, research officer at Unite trade union, discusses the alternative to the next round of cuts and tax increases.

No further, and never again

Ian Curran on why we should get angry at the Irish government’s failures in the Savita Halappanavar case and its inaction in the face of Israeli aggression against Gaza, and then do something about it.


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