Free Fees: Chasing the Rainbow

“We shouldn’t be chasing rainbows: the Irish taxpayer simply cannot afford to send us all to college for free.”

This Is Not the USI I Knew

“In the coming years we may need to question the degree to which the leadership of a membership-focused national and local representational organisation is legitimate and democratic.”

Never Mind the Neoliberalism: Free Fees is the Only Sensible Option

“My question to these self-professed ‘realists’ is this: what other outcome could you expect? How could a union morally or ethically accept a stance which would be to the financial detriment of its members?”

‘Free Fees’ Impractical, But We Do Have Options

“The fact is that free fees is ideologically sound but practically unworkable in the current economic climate. So, the question is: are we stuck with a mandate that is unworkable?”

USI Reaffirms its Commitment to Free Education. Now it is Time to Fight for it.

“Rather than relying on representatives to negotiate on behalf of members, the focus instead [should be] on organising and empowering the rank and file to fight on their own behalf.”

Is This Real Life? USI Is an Embarrassment and we Should Disaffiliate.

“USI’s fees vote is the biggest indicator to date that it’s time for Trinity to disaffiliate and look to advocate for its students either independently or alongside universities with more closely-shared values.”

Trinity Hall’s Steamboat Ladies

In celebration of International Women’s Week, Kate Palmer recounts the lives of some of Trinity’s most celebrated alumnae – the ‘Steamboat Ladies’ of Trinity Hall.

Open Season on the Left

Red-baiting in the Opinion pages of Trinity News reached a new peak with the publication of our last issue of term on 13 March. I was reliably informed that a previous issue’s section was written entirely by members of Trinity College’s Young Fine Gael committee, but that didn’t bother me any more than a glance […]

Europe or bust?

Since its inception the EU has grown to become one of the predominant forces in global politics. Here Michael Ward profiles the evolution of the union and takes a peek into its’ future.

Like it or not, the Abortion debate is over

In this wintry economic climate many college students might glance about the job market and ponder how well they will look in a McDonald’s uniform. Tom Kelly has a suggestion however for the budding entrepreneurs; open an abortion clinic.


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