The end of original cinema

It seems that Hollywood has finally cracked the formula for instant box office success: sequel, reboot, repeat. So far in 2017, the top three highest grossing films worldwide are ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ and ‘Despicable Me 3’; a remake and two sequels respectively. In fact, there is no movie in […]

The ousting of Mugabe has been a long time coming

On Wednesday morning, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was placed under house arrest, as the Zimbabwean military launched a government takeover.   Footage of Major General Sibusiso Moyo was broadcast on state television from the early hours of Wednesday morning. The Maj. General claimed that the actions were only a temporary measure ‘targeting criminals’ that have […]

It’s time to talk honestly about drug use

Like many controversial phenomena in Irish culture, recreational drug use is something that has remained generally frowned upon and been swept under the carpet for years. Certainly when it comes to the general “drug problem”, the national discourse casts drug use in a completely negative light.   We are taught to shun and ignore the […]

We need to broaden our discussion of homelessness

The homelessness situation in Ireland has been worsening every year, with the recent annual findings from the Peter McVerry Trust revealing that there are currently 8,270 people homeless in Ireland today. The need to assist the most marginalised in society and offer safe and supportive environments has never been more important.   We need to […]

Revolution or witch hunt?

A stormy revolution began to unfold as victims came forward to share their stories of sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.  A safe harbour was built where victims felt supported and believed which lead to more accusations of Weinstein and other powerful men in the entertainment industry such as Kevin Spacey and Dustin […]

Too short, overcrowded, and the TA won’t stop talking

Tutorials: love them or hate them, they are an essential part of our learning and also the reason I often force myself out of bed after a night out. Many students have an idea of the perfect tutorial: a classroom of ten or twelve people, all passionate about their course, a full hour filled with […]

The murky world of “Big Money”

  The release of the Paradise Papers gives some much needed transparency to the tax avoidance and elite conflicts of interests, but they show also just how murky the waters really are . It’s unclear who even runs most of these accounts, as anonymity can be achieved by hiding the wealth under the names of […]

Don’t attack the striking rail staff

Crushing inequality, the threat of nuclear annihilation, a Dub that is inexplicably Taoiseach despite a large part of the country believing him to be one of the worst choices for the job and two major strikes in a year; it feels like the 80s.   When the bus strikes happened earlier this year, I was […]

Authoritarianism is replacing democracy in Catalonia and nobody seems to care

Catalonia is one of the autonomous regions that make up the pseudo-federal Kingdom of Spain. It has a distinct culture and historical background, having existed in many semi-independent forms over the centuries. Many Catalan people feel deserving of their own independent and sovereign state. Desires for independence grew following a period of cultural oppression under […]

Australia’s Same-Sex Postal Vote: a rocky path to marriage equality

The Australian Prime Minister personally supports same-sex marriage. Our previous Prime Minister does not (he was recently head-butted in the street by a same-sex marriage supporter). The Liberals – the incumbent political party – have a bizarre stance on same-sex marriage legality. This has ultimately resulted in our AUD$122 million (€81 million) postal survey on […]


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