Garda violence won’t break the housing movement

The appalling expulsion of North Frederick Street occupation will only solidify anger about the housing crisis

The violent dispersal of the 34 North Frederick Street occupation represents the beginning of a crackdown on the housing movement across Dublin and Ireland. The end of the 25-day occupation was so unnecessarily draconian, marked by the arrest of multiple

Living a plastic-free July

Reducing our plastic intake is more difficult than it should be

“There are free muffins at the canteen. Let’s go!” announced a colleague to an office of unpaid interns. Such treats were seldom available in our workplace, so the announcement excited the room. Once I reached the canteen my eyes caught

Should a university aim to be a for-profit institution?

As College’s five-year Strategic Plan reaches its close, Niamh Meyer asks whether it has done more harm than good

“This strategic plan sets out to secure Trinity’s future so that it will continue to play its pivotal role in helping Ireland to become a most productive place in which to invent, work and learn and a most civilised place

The demands of the Summerhill occupiers are the minimum of what we should expect

We cannot continue the Irish tradition of expecting charities to patch up government policy failures

On August 7, housing activists, including members of Take Back Trinity, entered a house at 35 Summerhill Parade, and began occupying the building. Less than ten days later a High Court judge had ordered the protestors to vacate the premises.

Students deserve better than student newspapers profiting off the housing crisis

It is hugely hypocritical to take money from luxury student accommodation blocs, while also telling housing activists how to run their campaigns

When the University Times posted an advertisement for the private luxury student accommodation bloc #LIVStudent on its Instagram account this week, many students were shocked. Such was the strength of the criticism to this post, the University Times felt that

Canada trumps States as student summer location

The county is safer, cleaner and more open minded than the US, argues Hugh Whelan

It’s mid-afternoon in June and I have been awake for nearly 20 hours but luckily, the atmosphere in the Vancouver International Airport immigration queue is surprisingly relaxed. The queue is comprised of dozens of pale Irish students, and there is …

The not so Lovely Island: the dark side of reality TV

Love Island is a particularly distasteful manifestation of our appetite for conflict, writes Peter Kelly

  Love Island has become a phenomenon since its rebirth in 2015. It has seen increasing audiences with a record viewership of over 3.4 million in its current series. This is arguably because of its simplistic nature, with various men and …

The Leaving Cert continues to punish our young people

Slowly but surely our society’s beginning to accommodate for the mental stresses of the Leaving Cert, writes Eoin O’Donnell

With the year’s exam season drawing to a close once again, and another 121,000 Irish students running the gauntlet of the Leaving Cert, it’s worth questioning how this whole experience affects today’s youth, and whether the method of evaluating students