The contours of toxic “lad culture” need to be understood

“Lad culture” perpetuates the patriarchy and negatively affects the mental health of men

The ongoing trial of Ulster rugby players charged with the alleged rape of a nineteen-year-old woman has captured the public’s attention in recent weeks, with the graphic details making the case a difficult and stomach-turning read for many. Regardless of

SU hustings: Preaching to the choir?

Hustings are a redundant feature of the leadership race

There are a variety of hustings taking place for the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) leadership race. From prepared speeches and a brief Q&A with the audience at the Dining Hall and Council Hustings to panel discussions and a

Voluntourism shouldn’t be for everyone

Too many people see volunteering opportunities abroad as a free holiday

Last summer, I spent about two months volunteering on a project in Vietnam. It was an incredible experience. There were around twenty of us from all across the globe doing the project together. We all got along well, but very

Schols is not inherently elitist

There are inequalities in Schols, but it is wrong to denigrate the whole institution

The article ‘Schols is an Elitist Institution‘ raises some important questions about Foundation Scholarships, or Schols. It makes valid points about the questionable ethics of rewarding students on the basis of exam results, without taking into account the

Schols is an elitist institution

The award is incompatible with modern conceptions of equality and diversity

The concept of meritocracy, defined as the acquisition or maintenance of power on the grounds of ability alone, regardless of resources or social position, has long been debunked by academics and social scientists, who recognise that a complex web of

Why the 2018 SU elections offer more of less

Once again, the campaign offers an uninspiring slate.

A dearth of candidates already confirms that the 2018 Trinity College Students’ Union (TCDSU) elections will stand as a reflection of the growing apathy on campus surrounding student politics. Two uncontested races and several clear favourites seem to guarantee an

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