Kevin Keane’s focus on Repeal is killing student activism

In many ways, the “Fresh” debacle is typical of TCDSU’s actions this year. Every student received a self-congratulatory email implementing a change that no one seems to have wanted, and with Kevin Keane’s name conspicuously at the bottom of the email.   When he faces criticism for having spent time and resources on removing the […]

‘Freshman’ to ‘Fresh’: more inclusive or too sensitive?

When I first read that ‘Freshman’ was being changed to ‘Fresh’, I was shocked. I never considered the term to be offensive, nor thought that it needed a change. Upon self-reflection I feared that maybe I had turned to the archaism that I always feared. Maybe my beliefs were beyond progress and I was merely […]

Head to head: Should students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU?

Yes, students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU – Ríain Fitzsimmons   Students should not be forced to be a member of an organisation that they do not want to be a part of; that is the simple position of the Students’ Union Opt Out Project (SUOOP). It is with this simple principle in mind […]

Homelessness, fees and intergenerational inequality: The importance of student resistance

In June of this year we learned of the tragedy of the Grenfell fire. Seared in our memories are the terrifying images of a towering inferno ablaze, of women wailing for children still trapped inside, of exhausted, exasperated Londoners, helplessly trying to reason with the wild blaze of injustice which exploded before their eyes. “If […]

So long, Michaelmas term: we won’t miss you

Exams? Not desirable. Two sets of exams? Even less desirable, it would seem. In July, it was announced that Trinity was to have exams at Christmas, a shorter Summer break, and no more fancy names for its terms.   When the announcement broke, Facebook timelines were set ablaze with students already lamenting the “loss” of […]

Refugee Week not a priority for the SU and students

“You only leave home when home won’t let you stay.” These are the words of Warsan Shire, a British/Somali poet, that echoed throughout The Attic on the final morning of Refugee week. We sat in a subdued circle, ignoring the tremors in each other’s voices as we read aloud these pleas to humanity, these odes […]

Left behind

In the 1918 Irish General Election, the election of the first Dáil, the Labour party abstained from running so that the people of Ireland would have a clear choice between the two most important strands of political thought of the time: the Irish Paramilitary Party (IPP), who were in favour of Home Rule, and Sinn Féin, […]

It’s time for Trinity students to act on BDS

On Tuesday November 21 2017 a motion was passed at SU council to boycott Aramark on campus. Aramark run a catering service called Westland Eats, which operate food outlets in the Hamilton. Aramark are also involved in running catering and cleaning services in Direct Provision centres, which are below any acceptable standard of living.   […]

The end of original cinema

It seems that Hollywood has finally cracked the formula for instant box office success: sequel, reboot, repeat. So far in 2017, the top three highest grossing films worldwide are ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ and ‘Despicable Me 3’; a remake and two sequels respectively. In fact, there is no movie in […]

The ousting of Mugabe has been a long time coming

On Wednesday morning, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was placed under house arrest, as the Zimbabwean military launched a government takeover.   Footage of Major General Sibusiso Moyo was broadcast on state television from the early hours of Wednesday morning. The Maj. General claimed that the actions were only a temporary measure ‘targeting criminals’ that have […]


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