The radicalisation of TCDSU

The dynamic between the College and TCDSU has permanently shifted

Trinity’s beginning to catch up with the rest of the student-political world. On Monday March 5, several hundred students protested a meeting of the College’s Finance Committee, and made enough noise that the Vice-Provost had to come out and speak

The invisible men

College needs to start taking LGBT survivors of sexual violence seriously

When I was a student at Trinity, campus life was dominated by two trends in activism: LGBT rights and consent. Both of these movements had already seen some stunning successes: the victory of the Yes Equality campaign for the former,

The illusion of an ethical choice

“Ethical” consumption is not going to change the world – direct, collective action is needed

In January, France was taken aback by the infamous “Nutella riots”. Because of a 75% discount on one kilogram jars, several French hypermarkets were packed by crowds that turned out to be as erratic as Dubliners trying to buy bread

Life without Instagram

The trials and triumphs of breaking up with Instagram

I was sixteen when I first downloaded Instagram. Imbued with the uncanny ability to recite dates and “life-defining” moments: it was September 2013, the day after receiving my Junior Cert results. While lolling on the sofa of a friend’s house,

#OscarsSoWhite no more

When Get Out director Jordan Peele and Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig each scored nominations for the Best Director award in the upcoming 90th annual Academy Awards, they became only the fifth black and fifth female directors respectively ever to

We need sabbatical elections to become more representative

A race of ten men should point to the need for more action for equality

Since the announcement of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical officer candidates weeks ago, the issue of women in leadership has been discussed intensively in the press, amongst friends, and teased out in meeting rooms. If this feels repetitive,