Academic responsibility – the biggest dichotomy in Trinity

Teaching standards in Trinity are defined by arrogance and negligence, final year student Conor Coughlan argues

I remember the first time I attended a talk in Trinity. It was the Maths and Physics open day 2013, and I was a naïve 18-year-old Leaving Cert fresh from off a bus from Galway. The defining moment of that

The reverberations of the referendum

The campaigning has empowered a generation of Irish feminists

In 1983, the introduction of the Eighth Amendment had the support of 66.9% of the voting population. On Friday 66.4% voted to have it removed. The logic of this mirror image is compelling; there has been an inexorable evolution of …

Sometimes the right choice is the hardest one

Compassion for women who are suffering is the key reason to repeal the eighth amendment

I am a resolute atheist, but like many in this country, both non-religious or from different faiths, I was raised in a school system where morals were taught via the christian faith. Despite not currently believing in any faith system

Katie Ascough’s cynical worldview

The pro-life movement in Ireland are using campus censorship as an excuse for losing the argument

“Given the imminence of a referendum and the current oppression of freedom of speech in universities across the country,” Katie Ascough said, in a recent interview with the Irish Independent, “I am not holding my breath for a fair and

More is on trial than rugby players

Alumni Cookie Policy Staff Advertising Archive About Contact Trinity News | Ireland’s Oldest Student Paper Home News Features Comment SciTech Sport Multimedia Editorial Blog Archive TN2 More is on trial than rugby players “The law reflects the norms of society and is up for debate. It is my right and yours to express disgust with how it is carried out.”

Content warning: Sexual assault

The media circus that has taken place during and after the trial of the now infamous Northern Irish rugby stars has been costly. Though it was the rugby players that were officially on trial, the young

It’s time to bring Take Back Trinity a step further

Take Back Trinity is a response to many deeper issues in Irish universities, which remain unsolved

The last month has been a turning point in Trinity, and perhaps student politics nationally. Undergraduate, international, and postgraduate students united to undertake the most radical student action in over a decade, successfully winning on all our demands.

After years