Left behind

Sinead Barry comments on the hundred years of failings in Left-wing Irish politics

In the 1918 Irish General Election, the election of the first Dáil, the Labour party abstained from running so that the people of Ireland would have a clear choice between the two most important strands of political thought of the …

It’s time for Trinity students to act on BDS

Aislinn Shanahan Daly argues in support of a vote for the SU to boycott Israel

On Tuesday November 21 2017 a motion was passed at SU council to boycott Aramark on campus. Aramark run a catering service called Westland Eats, which operate food outlets in the Hamilton. Aramark are also involved in running catering and

The end of original cinema

At a time where studios place more value in commercial than critical success, is there still a market for a truly original film?

It seems that Hollywood has finally cracked the formula for instant box office success: sequel, reboot, repeat. So far in 2017, the top three highest grossing films worldwide are ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ and ‘Despicable

The ousting of Mugabe has been a long time coming

House-arrest and impeachment proceedings are the culmination of years of infighting

On Wednesday morning, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was placed under house arrest, as the Zimbabwean military launched a government takeover.

Footage of Major General Sibusiso Moyo was broadcast on state television from the early hours of Wednesday morning. The Maj.

It’s time to talk honestly about drug use

We acknowledge drug use, but refuse to discuss it or make it safe

Like many controversial phenomena in Irish culture, recreational drug use is something that has remained generally frowned upon and been swept under the carpet for years. Certainly when it comes to the general “drug problem”, the national discourse casts drug

We need to broaden our discussion of homelessness

Campaigners and support services need to be more demographically specific

The homelessness situation in Ireland has been worsening every year, with the recent annual findings from the Peter McVerry Trust revealing that there are currently 8,270 people homeless in Ireland today. The need to assist the most marginalised in society

Revolution or witch hunt?

Swathes of victims have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault against big stars. Is this merely a frenzy, or are we seeing positive change?

A stormy revolution began to unfold as victims came forward to share their stories of sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.  A safe harbour was built where victims felt supported and believed which lead to more accusations of

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