We need to be mature about commercialisation

Recent years have seen growing concern over the “commercialisation” of universities. For many, the integrity of universities is threatened by a slavish devotion to corporate interests and a toxic logic of rationalisation which knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.   They fear that student welfare and the freedom of academic inquiry […]

Instead of a hard border, there should be a united Ireland

I sit in the harsh light of the television, watching the mounds of dried wooden pallets and defaced tricolours of the Twelfth on across my screen. It strikes me like a match against the hard edge of a matchbox: now, more than ever, the British government is playing with fire. Calls for a frictionless, seamless […]

Pulling down posters won’t win the argument

Trinity PBP has overreached with their removal of pro-life posters around campus. While abortion is a sensitive issue, no side in the debate has a mandate to suppress an opposing viewpoint.   Any disrespect for democratic values only undermines the pro-choice campaign. The nature of a referendum, like that approaching in 2018, demands a public […]

Harvey and Irma are symptoms of our ever-worsening climate

Hurricane Irma recently hit Florida, rewriting history books as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record, with winds reaching velocities as high as 298km/h. But with hurricanes, it isn’t only wind that we should be worrying about – it’s water.   Since the 1960s, 88% of deaths in the United States during tropical storms and […]

Pushing the public services card on you and me

Something is about to happen in government administration that will alter how we access public services and where we stand in relation to our government. That is the state’s decision to make the Public Services Card (PSC) instrumental to the life of the average Irish person.   The card is designed to allow Irish citizens […]

I want to make the most of my time at Trinity

After successfully surviving one year of college, and spending four long summer months considering how I am going to approach this year differently, there is so much that I aspire to be in the next year.   Studying law and a language presented huge challenges for me, both academically and socially, in my first year. […]

Has the HPAT really failed to measure empathy?

A study from University College Cork has recently been published investigating the link between medical students’ scores on HPAT Section 2 and a questionnaire called the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy.     The researchers’ conclusion was that “JSE [Jefferson Scale of Empathy] values did not correlate with HPAT-Ireland scores”. Is this something we should […]

Charlottesville: Tolerate or Condemn?

The images from Charlottesville this summer were truly horrific. The actions of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in killing a counter-protester, making racist, anti-Semitic, and intolerant statements shocked the conscience of the United States.  The dark underbelly of American society was uncovered for all to see.   There is absolutely no questioning that what these violent, […]

In praise of cycling

Cycling in Dublin is an experience in itself. It is an eco-friendly, healthy and efficient mode of transport in a city with an ever-growing population – yet it still remains a difficult and hazardous task to successfully navigate the city by bike. Every day, cyclists face the challenges of a city that runs on engines, […]

The end of the J1 will be a tragedy

Just days after returning from my summer on a J1 visa in the US, I received an email from my American sponsors, Interexchange, asking me to take action to help save the J1 Visa. They wrote that “elimination of these programs would keep dynamic young people like you from experiencing life in the U.S”.   […]


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