Premature Christmas decorations bring out inner Scrooge

Overzealous shopkeepers and county councils are ruining the spirit of Christmas, writes Ciara Gately

Student standard of written English is worryingly low

no subject should be off limits

Among George Orwell’s most insightful remarks – and he is credited with many – was that “the Catholic and the Communist are alike in assuming that an opponent cannot be both honest and intelligent”.

The fencer’s art: elitism or excellence?

Fencers the world over will all, at some stage, experience “the look”. This is usually given by a bemused gym-goer pausing on the way to the water fountain to look at us prancing around in white, waving what look like car aerials at each other. It is usually accompanied by a shake of the head, […]

Fees would guarantee equality

The return of college fees is inevitable, writes Iain Mac Eochagáin. The student unions’ anti-fees stance is flawed and misrepresents students.

So, what exactly are you going to do with your degree?

Secondary school teaching is not the only option available to liberal arts graduates, writes Rory Purcell

A modern crusader

Although the focus has remained squarely on American presidents of late, our very own Mary Robinson is a key figure in the international crusade for human rights, writes Áine Ní Choisdealbha.

Breaking up is hard, but breaking up in public is worse

Click. “Pamela Hughes is now single.” There are few reasons to hate Facebook, but it making you cry is certainly reason enough. Status updates are not supposed to be painful.

First year science students guinea-pigs for semesterisation

Science modularisation has been a positive development, according to Prof. Peter Coxon

Head to Head: Students Unions

Do we need a students union?


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