To have, hold, love and cherish, till reality do us part

Jessica Ryan muses on the strange phenomenon that is celebrity tabloid marriage.

Trinity’s benefactor

Ranked fifteenth on the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2007, Martin Naughton gives his name to Trinity’s impressive new nanoscience research institute. Conor Gannon looks at the man behind the name of this architectural gem.

Being constantly broke is a given, so let’s not fight it

As amazing and surreal the whole College experience can be at times, there is always one constant, and that’s a student’s lack of funds. It doesn’t matter whether the funds are coming from Mummy or Daddy, or from that horrible menial job you work during the weekends, waiting for the cash to come in is […]

Head to Head: Same-sex Marriage

Do “Children have a right to mother and Father” or should “We give equal rights to all”

Premature Christmas decorations bring out inner Scrooge

Overzealous shopkeepers and county councils are ruining the spirit of Christmas, writes Ciara Gately

Student standard of written English is worryingly low

no subject should be off limits

Among George Orwell’s most insightful remarks – and he is credited with many – was that “the Catholic and the Communist are alike in assuming that an opponent cannot be both honest and intelligent”.

The fencer’s art: elitism or excellence?

Fencers the world over will all, at some stage, experience “the look”. This is usually given by a bemused gym-goer pausing on the way to the water fountain to look at us prancing around in white, waving what look like car aerials at each other. It is usually accompanied by a shake of the head, […]

Fees would guarantee equality

The return of college fees is inevitable, writes Iain Mac Eochagáin. The student unions’ anti-fees stance is flawed and misrepresents students.

So, what exactly are you going to do with your degree?

Secondary school teaching is not the only option available to liberal arts graduates, writes Rory Purcell


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