“Republicans are misrepresenting feminist positions”

It seems that women have never had it so good. At certain points during this year it seemed likely that the US was on the verge of selecting its first-ever female presidential candidate. There is still the possibility of ending up with a female president by default.

It’s easy being green in today’s market of Fairtrade and vegetarianism

Nowadays, everywhere you turn it seems your carbon footprint is looming after you. Notices in trendy shops tell you which products to buy so that you can be a responsible consumer, while signs on the back of buses ask drivers if they really needed to drive today. Everyone is telling you how to be ‘green’, […]

Is there a crisis in maths education, or not?

On the morning that this year’s Leaving Certificate results were published, there was a headline in one of the free Dublin papers proclaiming that more than 20 percent of students had failed mathematics. I was certainly aware that we had problems with mathematics in Ireland, but surely it couldn’t be that bad?

Trinity’s world ranking has risen, but the system is flawed

When he saw the Times Higher Education Supplement on Thursday morning, John Hegarty must have been a happy man.

Head to Head: Vivisection

Should we RECOGNISE SENTIENT NON-HUMANS’ rights or is animal research crucial to progress.

Old Trinity

OUR “civil service”

This College can be thought of as a sort of mini-state, complete with elected representatives (the Students’ Union), a civil service (the College authorities), a police force (the stewards), a populous of students and a figurehead leader in the provost.


Irish boozing habits will not be changed by restrictive laws

To tackle the problem we need more Gardaí on the streets, not nanny-state legistlation, writes Peadar Donnelly

For business or for pleasure?

Declan Ganley emerged as a key player in the Lisbon Treaty debate, but questions about his honesty, his methods of funding Libertas and his American connections have become more and more insistent, says Aoife Crowley


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