OUR “civil service”

This College can be thought of as a sort of mini-state, complete with elected representatives (the Students’ Union), a civil service (the College authorities), a police force (the stewards), a populous of students and a figurehead leader in the provost.


Irish boozing habits will not be changed by restrictive laws

To tackle the problem we need more Gardaí on the streets, not nanny-state legistlation, writes Peadar Donnelly

For business or for pleasure?

Declan Ganley emerged as a key player in the Lisbon Treaty debate, but questions about his honesty, his methods of funding Libertas and his American connections have become more and more insistent, says Aoife Crowley

Easy access to information is dumbing down students

“There is too much learning in books these days, and too little in the head.”

Former Editor was a ‘wise old owl’

PAUL TANSEY, a former editor of Trinity News, passed away on September 21 at the age of 59. The Blackrock College student came to Trinity to study economics and politics in the late 1960s. He succeeded Ted Oliver to become editor of this newspaper in Trinity term of 1970.

The USI’s simplistic view of fees

When Minister of Education Batt O’Keefe put fees on the agenda for discussion at the start of the summer, as always, a variety of responses came out. Somve were measured, considered, and flexible; others were simplistic, unbending, and unhelpful.

Watching the watchers

Balancing opposing sets of needs sounds like an impossible proposition. Nonetheless, achieving a balance that is acceptable to all parties on a topic that concerns them all is crucial. The media is no exception.  

Rusticated jibs and disapproving skips

DOES YOUR skip disapprove of sprees? Has your wife been pestering you to clean your rooms? Has your new jib friend been rusticated? Trinity College has many peculiar words, turns of phrase and acronyms which are its own. The words used in the above sentences would be more familiar to a student here in the […]

Head to Head: fees debate

Can you afford an extra €8,000 a year? Or, do free fees support the wealthy.


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