‘Any Garda coming across a drunk has only one option’

 Demise of the PDs The end of the road has come for the Progressive Democrats. Mary Harney admitted this month that although she would love to think that the PDs had a future, she had to be realistic. Now Harney, fellow TD Mr Grealish, Ciaran Cannon and Fiona O’Malley have recommended that a formula of […]

Áine Ní Choisdealbha

The art of letterwriting has fallen out of favour with today’s high-speed society. Emails, skype, Bebo, Facebook and MSN now reign supreme. But in gaining access to each other’s lives 24/7, we have lost the personal connection that a letter creates. A letter from a friend has permanence and a tangibility that email lacks. A […]

Daniel Costigan

It’s easy to ignore those living on the poverty line. We tend to assume that everyone who sat the Leaving Certificate had the same chance to come to college, get a good job and better themselves. However, not everyone has the same chances in life. Jobs, food and housing aren’t fundamental rights distributed equally among […]

It’s the economy, stupid … again

The celeb-style race for the White House might be fun to watch, says Jason Somerville, but we’ll feel the effect of the economic policies across the pond too.

Irish universities impossible to assess

A big figure in Irish politics

Mary Harney, Minister for Health, Trinity graduate and former Auditor of the College Historical Society, has been a major figure in Irish politics for her entire life.

‘Fees debate distracting from chronic underfunding’

Our universities are suffering massive and chronic underfunding. This problem is not new, it has been building up and getting worse for years now. The latest round of financial cutbacks could not have come at a worse time. The system is already at breaking point.


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