The USI’s simplistic view of fees

When Minister of Education Batt O’Keefe put fees on the agenda for discussion at the start of the summer, as always, a variety of responses came out. Somve were measured, considered, and flexible; others were simplistic, unbending, and unhelpful.…

Watching the watchers

Balancing opposing sets of needs sounds like an impossible proposition. Nonetheless, achieving a balance that is acceptable to all parties on a topic that concerns them all is crucial. The media is no exception. …

Rusticated jibs and disapproving skips

DOES YOUR skip disapprove of sprees? Has your wife been pestering you to clean your rooms? Has your new jib friend been rusticated? Trinity College has many peculiar words, turns of phrase and acronyms which are its own. The words

Áine Ní Choisdealbha

The art of letterwriting has fallen out of favour with today’s high-speed society. Emails, skype, Bebo, Facebook and MSN now reign supreme. But in gaining access to each other’s lives 24/7, we have lost the personal connection that a letter

Daniel Costigan

It’s easy to ignore those living on the poverty line. We tend to assume that everyone who sat the Leaving Certificate had the same chance to come to college, get a good job and better themselves. However, not everyone has

A big figure in Irish politics

Mary Harney, Minister for Health, Trinity graduate and former Auditor of the College Historical Society, has been a major figure in Irish politics for her entire life.