Women in sport

Editor Elaine McCahill discusses women in sport and why there is less coverage of them in the media.

From Panti Gate to SU Elections

Editor, Elaine McCahill discusses #PantiGate and the lead up to the SU elections

Editorial: Leadership Race still has miles to go

Elaine McCahill Editor It’s that time of year again. The time that is pretty much universally detested, when campaigners and flyers and awful stunts punctuate our daily lives on campus for around two weeks: The SU elections. Although, it has been rebranded this year to the Leadership Race but this title is really no more […]

Editorial: Student services being cut by board without student representation

Editor Elaine McCahill and Deputy Editor Tommy Gavin comment on the soon to come cuts to College services. The board which has decided upon these cuts has no students represented on it.

Editorial: We stand by our reporting

Trinity News editorial on the publication on April 1st of an article by The College Tribune entitled ‘Trinity News falls foul of Quinn’.

Editorial: CSC, Duges and student politics

Trinity News’ editorial for issue 59.5 in which we assess the impact of the CSC – Duges dispute on student politics in college, particularly as they pertain to the abortion issue, and conclude that it is important that students follow the developments closely.

Vote No

  Rónán Burtenshaw Editor   Trinity News is advocating a No vote in the referendum on disaffiliation from the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), the polling for which takes place until Thursday in locations around College. This article will seek to outline the case for remaining affiliated to the national students’ union, as this […]

TN statement on the publication of Trinity TV article

This is a statement from the editor.The publication of this article on Trinity TV has drawn a mixed response. As editor it is my role to decide what goes to print and what does not. I made the decision to print this article and I stand by it. In the interests of maintaining a dialogue […]

Trinity Hall’s Steamboat Ladies

In celebration of International Women’s Week, Kate Palmer recounts the lives of some of Trinity’s most celebrated alumnae – the ‘Steamboat Ladies’ of Trinity Hall.

Universities cannot herald censorship

Anyone who tries to bend the free will of those in a university will inevitably fail – for it is this community above others that prizes self-determination.


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