Searching for statehood

As the presidential election approaches, it is not just the Irish premiership that deserves our attention. It is the Middle East, which remains in the midst of a milestone in statehood.

Challenges call for unity between college unions

Comments by a university employee regarding the “underhanded” tactics of the Students’ Union is just one example of the mutual mistrust that exists between students’ and workers’ organisations in Trinity.

A political class is dictating Áras future

As a sanguine seven line up for the President’s job, the process of electing Ireland’s next head of state will at last enter the realm of democratic choice.

Another one bites the dust

Last week, RTé News played Brian Cowen off with a blast of Razorlight’s Before I Fall to Pieces. What then should the resignation of former USI deputy president Conán Ó Broin been met with? Moving on Up by the M People perhaps?

Demand excellence from the administration

What’s the difference between the annual summer exam timetables and the daily timetable of lectures? One very rarely has any errors, and the other often does.

Time to roll over, or time to roll up our sleeves?

We are the most privileged generation Ireland has ever produced. And as Trinity has the highest proportion of top Leaving Certificate students, we are also among the brightest of this generation.

Sensationalism allows USI to be ignored

The slogan the USI has chosen for tomorrow’s march – “Education not Emigration” – is just the latest instance of poor communication from this organisation.

Bonus points do not address the issue

Trinity News welcomes the fact that, at long last, steps are being put in place to combat the crisis in mathematics eduction at primary and secondary level in this country. However, the bonus Leaving Certificate points which Trinity has agreed to dole out do not address the crux of the problem.

Centuries-old M.A. practice neither misled then nor now

The ancient practice of receiving an M.A. from Trinity without further study was heavily criticised late last month in an article published by the Irish Mail on Sunday. The system as it stands allows those who have held a B.A. for at least three years to have an M.A. conferred on payment of a fee. […]

A long way from the World Building of the Year

The Long Room Hub has been shortlisted as World Building of the Year 2010. It is, apparently, inspired simultaneously by bee-hives, biological cells and cliff faces – an impressive broad vision, and one which the architects clearly had trouble expressing in just one building. While it might technically be considered a successful project considering the […]


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