“Infamy, infamy – they have all got it in for me.”

It is often said that you can determine how bad your situation really is by the calibre of those who attempt to help you out; well a slight variance to that old cliché may very well apply to the much deplored Malcolm Glazer. The owner of Manchester United is so unpopular that a motley crew […]

Tiernan & O’Carroll Kelly: the real Irish culture?

Voices and words. It’s always voices and words, or voices about words. Contemporary society. Irish literature. The latter hasn’t embraced the former. Or has it? I’m not going to be so stupid as to decide one way or the other. Luckily, Julian Gough, god’s gift to literature and self-appointed arbiter of literary distinction, has investigated […]

The way forward for feminism

It seemed that all was well in the world of women last week, Women’s Week, when leader of the opposition, Fine Gael’s Enda Kenny tabled a motion to impose quotas on the number of women candidates that would have set targets ensuring that 20% of its candidates in the next local election would be female, […]

Old Trinity: Taking your college time

THE CLOCK above the entrance to the Dining Hall was once the only public clock in college. It’s not particularly remarkable to look at, but it once eschewed standard timekeeping for the nobler, and slightly tardier, college time. College time was 15 minutes later than regular time. After hearing the bells of the city ring […]

Head to Head: Early Retirement

James Kelly: Last week in the United Kingdom, equality watchdog the Equality and Human Rights Commission backed the plans of the Labour government to stop forcing workers to retire at the age of 65, and to give them more flexible working hours. These sentiments echo those of Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, who earlier in […]

Society Column: Art is Love

An Arts Festival in Trinity? Up until five years ago the idea was unheard of, but now it is one of the highlights of the academic year, a week to brighten up the dull February days. Why have I decided to write about it for this column? Is it because it will be all around […]

A new Republican renaissance

If Democrats had any doubt that the Party is in dire straits, they were set straight by the Massachusetts Special Senate Election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat that saw a conservative Republican unknown defeat the highly popular state Attorney General by a 100,000 vote margin. What made the defeat even worse was that the entire […]


Education committee unearths hidden gems of information This month saw the Provost, alongside his fellow university heads, sit before the Oireachtas Education Committee, as reported on page one of this issue. The information extracted at this meeting was quite considerable: the admission by Hugh Brady, for example, that the use of the student charge amounted […]

How to help the homeless

It has been a particularly harsh winter this year in Ireland. Although most of us enjoyed the snow, some two thousand homeless people in Dublin must have found it tremendously difficult. If you’re feeling charitable, what’s the best way of manifesting this desire to help. Should I give a homeless man cash or a coffee? Because if you’re […]

Limerick to Canda, Zimbabwe to Trinity

John O’Rourke interviews the newest addition to the college chaplaincy, and his former school priest, Fr Peter Sexton. Fr Peter Sexton SJ is a formidable man. My own earliest memory of Trinity’s latest recruit to the burgeoning chaplaincy team is of him in his role as music coordinator for Mass in my secondary school. On […]


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