Round Up

DRAIN IN NORTHWEST CONCERNING It’s emerged that more young people leave counties Derry and Tyrone than anywhere else in Northern Ireland to attend universities on the mainland. The figures were provided to Foyle MLA Martina Anderson by Employment and Learning Minister Reg Empey as part of an answer to an Assembly question on the future […]

Battle of the books: how do the libraries of UCD and Trinity compare?

Prospective students are told that Trinity College has the largest research library in Ireland.It has unparalleled resources of 4.5 million printed volumes, almost 300,000 electronic sources and an extensive collection of literary, historical and political manuscripts being accessible to its students; CAO applicants could be in no doubt that the library is a force of […]

Lissadell, our Trojan War

The debate over public right of way at Lissadell, the former home of the Gore-Booth and family and erstwhile retreat of William Butler Yeats, is more complicated than it appears, writes Sarah Clarkin The case between Sligo County Council and Edward Walsh and Constance Cassidy, owners of Lissadell House over the Council’s claims for public […]

Opinion Round-Up

DONEGAL SEES huge RISE IN UNEMPLOYMENT figures With an over-dependence on the construction and hospitality industries, it was inevitable that Donegal would feel the pain of the recession. It now seems that the figures are proving just that.The numbers on the live register in Donegal in December showed an increase on the November figure with […]

Semesterisation battle turns ugly

In a long running  dispute in Trinity over the semesterisation of term durations the University has, in recent weeks, sent home library staff who were working to ‘contract’. Semesterisation refers to the movement of the academic year structure. Staff who turned up for regular 9-5 hour shifts were advised by senior library management that they […]

God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson

The season of giving is still upon us; so as we share a moment to think about the worst affected by the BIG FREEZE this time of the year, think not of the plight of  the Peoples Republic of Cork, those forced from flooding businesses to drowned homes, nor of the ducks rescued in carriers […]

Home defence: just how much is too much?

When two youths dressed in the most threatening off all items of clothing; the dreaded ‘hoodie’, peer through your window of a cold January night, while you are minding your own business, peeling the spuds or chopping the carrots, what way would you react? Keep in mind the fact that your baby daughter is sound […]

Making a difference to freedom of speech

On Tuesday 2nd of February, the Capitation Committee will vote on a new Terms of Reference document. Included in this document is a controversial article – numbered 4.6 – which has proved a bone of contention since the first draft of the document was circulated before the start of this academic year.Since last I wrote […]

Francis Bacon; valid retrospective or academic voyeurism?

The most recent exhibition of Francis Bacon’s work features his rejected pieces, and is presented as much as an insight to the man as an artisitc endeavour. The hundredth anniversary of Francis Bacon’s birth was celebrated last year. By all accounts he displays the virtues recommended to tortured artists. His highly prized angst is considered […]

Society Diary: Shall we Dance?

Arriving back to college with those January blues after a relaxing and gluttonous Christmas is never the most pleasant experience, especially when it is overshadowed by essays and presentations and a voice ringing in your ears telling you that the library is where you belong. As a fourth year student I’ve suffered this unpleasant experience. […]


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