The decade without an idea and the generation without a name

We have quite a lot to live up to when considering the highlights of previous generations. In the 1950s, Martin Luther King Junior and the African American Civil Rights Movement gathered momentum. The 1960s was an era of social, political and cultural upheaval, where counter-culture flourished and normality was challenged. Hippie culture faded in the […]

The rising spectre of extremism

While most people regarded the June European parliament election results with at best, a form of apathy, one group was rubbing its hands with glee with the outcome – the far right. In the Netherlands, the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, whose leader Geert Wilders has been barred from entering Britain as a security risk, came […]

Rebel without a clue

Rebel Fianna Fail TD Jim McDaid last week called for a general election in February or March just half way through the political term. Whilst many on the ground, angered by the Government’s handling of the economic crisis are calling for the same thing, it once again throws into the spotlight a man with a […]

WHO calls on smokers to cough up

As a pack-a-day  smoker, with numerous failed attempts to quit under my belt, the WHO recommendation of a two euro  increase in cigarette tax can only be a good thing in aiding my efforts. However, it brings us once again to the often debated contention between personal choice, a “nanny state” and the duty of […]

The modern renaissance of Irish

Trinity has firmly rejected its anti-Gaelic ethos of old and embraced the recent Irish revival, writes Trinity’s new Irish language officer, Aonghus Dwane.

Cancer vaccine causes head- aches for government

Mary Harney’s decision not to make the potentially life-saving cervical cancer vaccine available to twelve year-old girls was wrong, writes Tom Broe

To have, hold, love and cherish, till reality do us part

Jessica Ryan muses on the strange phenomenon that is celebrity tabloid marriage.

Trinity’s benefactor

Ranked fifteenth on the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2007, Martin Naughton gives his name to Trinity’s impressive new nanoscience research institute. Conor Gannon looks at the man behind the name of this architectural gem.

Being constantly broke is a given, so let’s not fight it

As amazing and surreal the whole College experience can be at times, there is always one constant, and that’s a student’s lack of funds. It doesn’t matter whether the funds are coming from Mummy or Daddy, or from that horrible menial job you work during the weekends, waiting for the cash to come in is […]

Head to Head: Same-sex Marriage

Do “Children have a right to mother and Father” or should “We give equal rights to all”


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