A Letter to my Sixth Year Self

Once intimidated by the prospect of a Trinity education, a student writes a letter to their younger self, addressing some of the stigma surrounding attending Trinity

Dear Sixth Year Me,

I know you’re terrified. With mock exams, sraithpictúirs and debs’ dresses, you have enough going on without the added pressure of trying to choose which university and which subject will become the centre of your universe

My experience as… A Mature Student

Maia Mathieu is a “mature” BESS student in her Junior Freshman year, an Anglo-Irish-Canadian feminist and writer based in County Meath. She speaks about experiencing College as a mature student

First things first: I feel far more comfortable when I use ironic quotation marks around the term in question. I’m a “mature” student a non-traditional student. I didn’t get my poop in a group enough to go to university

Building a world-class business school post-Brexit

Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of the Trinity School of Business, discusses plans for the new school, the importance of teaching ethics in business, and how the government can help Trinity benefit from Brexit

Andrew Burke is the Dean of the Trinity Business School in exciting and challenging times. With the imminent construction of a new €70m on-campus building for the school, and the onset of Brexit, with the inherent challenges and opportunities that

Views from House Six: Ethnic Minorities Officer

Newly elected to the Students’ Union, Ethnic Minorities Officer Dipo Adebisi outlines the challenges those from ethnic minority groups face within Trinity and the changes he hopes to bring about

Dipo Adebisi, a Senior Freshman Engineer originally from Nigeria, proposed the creation of of Ethnic Minorities Part Time Officer (PTO) at the SU Council earlier this year. Then, after the motion was passed, Adebisi successfully ran for this position. When …

The life and legacy of Barbara Castle

How British MP Barbara Castle thrived in a male dominated sphere and was instrumental in the fight for gender equality

International Women’s Day was celebrated this a few weeks ago and it seemed only fitting to ask ourselves about the great women leaders of the past, for inspiration for the future, and to see what we can aspire to today.

Alternative Study Spots

Bored of the Berkeley? As exam season looms ahead, it’s worth considering the benefits of expanding your revision horizons beyond your usual spot. If all the plug sockets in the world can’t motivate you to hit the lib, then perhaps a change of scene is what you need

Accents, Stephen Street Lower

“It’s great for people-watching and there’s no pressure on any customer to vacate their sofa spot – not even for a die-hard hipster.”

Sure, it’s no longer a secret hipster haven, but the sofas are wonderfully …

Why you should meditate your way towards your degree

Members of DU Meditation Society offer insight into how they initially became involved, the benefits of meditation, and why you should give it a try as exams approach

Last September, we decided that second year would be the year we would get “involved”, as many students do. Granted, this was a very vague goal and we weren’t entirely sure what this so-called “involvement” would entail, but in the …

Behind The Curtain

Sam Cox goes behind the scenes and discovers just what goes into putting on a show at Players

What does it take to put on a show on in Players? An inspired idea and a brilliant mind? Knowing all the right people, and them knowing you? Skinny jeans and a box of Amber Leaf?

Despite being central on

War of the Houses

Annabel O’Rourke gives an insight into the House of Lords and its Brexit negotiations

Credit: Flickr


A divided future

“The question that must be answered is how much power does the House of Lords truly have and is this power wielded justly?”

The oncoming storm of Brexit negotiations is one that continues to garner

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