Former student activists look back on Garda brutality and USI neglect in wake of 2010 march

On the 3rd November 2010, up to 40,000 students marched in Dublin against the proposed increase in fees and cuts in state expenditure on third level education. By the 9th November, the Garda Síochána Ombudsman had received 28 complaints of police brutality. Media reports of the protest varied in detailing the event, with some accounts […]

An uncivil war?

“More and more polls indicate that more and more people are saying we have to let it go”   Construction on Pearse Street recently presented a new outlet for voices to be heard. White, blank construction walls lined the busy road, serving as a canvas for any who might avail of it. Options were plenty, […]

Dashing Home for Christmas

  “The pioneering new service, DASH (Driving All Students Home) is supported by An Garda Síochána through their Campus Watch Program, and will be launched nationwide in January”   It happens all the time – you’re in a nightclub and can’t find any of your friends. You spent all your cash buying horribly grim shots […]

A Russian response to the US elections

  “The rift between the two nations is beginning to mend, which will have vast implications on geopolitics”   In just a few short weeks, Donald Trump will transition from “President-elect” to the President of the United States of America. The citizens of arguably, the world’s foremost superpower have chosen an uncertain future following an […]

Exploring Trinity News’ Archives

Through rock, swing, and pop music; through putting man on the moon, the fall of the Berlin wall, and the first release of the iPhone; through JFK, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama – the pages of Ireland’s oldest student newspaper, established in 1953, have detailed many fascinating stories published throughout the decades. With everything from […]

Brutality, abuse and neglect in a Greek refugee camp

The Greek island of Chios lies only 4.3 miles from Turkey. Its strategic geographic location (as a gateway to Europe) means that it has become an increasingly important route for refugee flows. At present, Chios is home to over 3,000 refugees, men, women and children of all ages, roughly 60% of which are Syrians, 20% Iraqis, […]

Interview with Kelsey Hazzard, founder of Secular Pro-Life

“We’re a millennial group. Our leadership is millennials. Most of our support is millennials.”   How it all began Secular Pro-Life is an advocacy group based in the US. Their website makes a surprising claim: “Fact: There are over six million pro-lifers in the United States who aren’t affiliated with a religion.   According to […]

Hygge: how the Danes bring warmth into their winters

“’Hygge’ does not translate into English. It is both an abstract noun and a verb, usually used to denote spending time with friends and family and having a laugh.”   Winters in Denmark can be very long, lasting from early November to March, and are often snowy. The Danes cope with these harsh winters through […]

A place they call home

  “Everything he owned was there and burned with it. He watched, helpless, as it burned, and all he could hear was the teenagers laughing.”   A couple of weeks ago, one of our clients had his tent set on fire by a group of teenagers. His tent was his home and having been moved […]

Behind the scenes at Dublin Mosque

  “Education is the only way to make change. What’s in the media doesn’t represent the whole religion of Islam, and it is important to show people what Islam actually is.”   The concept of an open day for a religious institution is becoming more popular as the Muslim population in Ireland continues to grow. […]


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