Provost election: Linda Doyle has “something to give to the university”

Provost candidate Linda Doyle talks about her plans for Trinity and some of the biggest challenges for College over the next decade

When asked what made her want to run for Provost, Professor Linda Doyle gives two reasons. One: After her term as Dean of Research, she felt a “natural desire to step up to the next level”. Two: She feels she

Standing up for student renters

A look inside the newly established TCD Renters’ Union

Launched in the opening days of the new year, the newly formed TCD Renter’s Union (TCDRU) has attracted hundreds of followers across their three social media platforms in the first few weeks of its existence. On these platforms, the TCDRU

Provost election swaps podiums for Zoom in highly unusual race

Trinity’s Registrar, who oversees the election, says its online format won’t stem collegiate spirit

For the first time since Trinity’s establishment by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, the role of provost will go to a woman, whose ten-year term will commence on 1 August 2021. Professors Linda Doyle, Linda Hogan and Jane Ohlmeyer are

New year, same online semester

Dearbháil Kent interviews students and staff about their thoughts on the online delivery of the second semester

Most students would agree that initially the prospect of going to a 9am class online in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own bed was very attractive, at least at the beginning of the academic year. It is almost

How the Mother and Baby Homes Report came into existence – and what we’ve learned

The newly published report on mother and baby homes follows previous reports on Ireland’s institutional abuses, and is every bit as harrowing

The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation Report, which was completed in the latter half of 2020, has just been released, and is one of many investigative reports into historic Irish institutional abuse completed in the last few decades.

Sunday Longread: Paving the path to rediscovery

With potential plans in place to pedestrianise Dame Street, Dubliners are afforded the chance to reclaim their city

As lockdowns infiltrated the world last March, cities experienced a dampening of background noise that was as unprecedented as the pandemic itself. The major boomtowns ceased to boom, and the usual cacophony of traffic was extinguished by unfamiliar harmonies of

Busking for the homeless

Trinity students raising money for homeless charities this Christmas

The homelessness crisis in Ireland has become an increasingly more salient issue, with the issue of housing being voters’ number one priority in February’s General Election. Students and youth organisations have taken the lead in raising awareness and money, and