A tradition that refuses to die

With no discernible spiritual message and an imperative to buy sweets, costumes, decorations and alcohol, Halloween might seem like a celebration of capitalism. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that the tradition has been hijacked.

The forgotten forces of Africa

Beginning with his own father’s childhood memories, Gabriel Beecham maps the movements of African soldiers in WW2 from Benito Mussolini’s barrage of Ethiopia to the jungles of Burma.

Transition years

Transgender identity is misunderstood and ignored in the Irish media. Saphora Smith speaks to Darrin from Cork about realising his gender identity.

A recipe for life

D. Joyce-Ahearne sits down with Antonio Carluccio, the man whose name is found on over 50 Italian restaurants in England, a few in Dubai and one on Dawson Street.

The illusion of choice

The ignored third-party candidates in the American presidential race could offer genuinely different policies from the corporatist, militaristic candidates of the two main parties – if only they were given a chance, writes Manus Lenihan.

Brutes on campus

The Arts Building and Berkeley Library are perhaps Trinity’s most misunderstood structures. Lara May Ó Muirithe talks to Paul Koralek, one of the architects responsible for shaping Trinity’s modern aesthetic.

Time for Ireland to come of age

“I see it as a democratic challenge to young people.” Rónán Burtenshaw interviews the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Fine Gael TD Frances Fitzgerald, about November 10th’s Children’s Referendum.

Who lives here belongs here

Rónán Burtenshaw Editor Painting: Our Place on Earth by Anthony Hackett   Rónán Burtenshaw talks to Anti-Deportation Ireland about the challenges facing asylum seekers in Ireland and their campaign to organise migrants to be at the forefront of the struggle against injustice. I met the activists from Anti-Deportation Ireland (ADI) at a small art exhibition in […]

What is the Higgs boson?

Anthea Lacchia and Glenn Moynihan investigate…

Interview with Professor Heuer of CERN

CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer sat down with TN’s Science Editor Anthea Lacchia to discuss the Higgs Boson, LHC and the major philosophical questions facing science.


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