Playing follow the reader at Dublin Book festival

The Dublin Book Festival offered an opportunity for writers to discuss their work and, more importantly, each other’s works. Kevin Breathnach was on hand to witness the witticisms.

Once, I saw polemicist Christopher Hitchens eviscerate self-styled contrarian John Waters in …

Irish students: the eternal adolescents

It’s not just about missing lectures – Conor Dempsey on how our lazy generation are putting our futures in danger.

While searching for exam clues on the feedback thread for one of my maths courses I came across a bleak …

It’s all coming up Roses with Suas

Volunteering with Suas is a life-changing experience. Current Rose of Tralee Charmaine Kenny describes how her visit to Kolkata opened her eyes to the plight of India’s poor.

It has been seven years since I first volunteered with Suas Educational …

Election Special: Canidate Profiles

For our presidential candidates’ profiles, click here.


Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox acknowledges that the role of Education Officer is “not full of glamorous policy”. She pledges to make the Students’ Union approachable, and improve student services by introducing …

Election special: Presidential aspirations

Declan Harmon

If elected, Declan Harmon aims to prioritise accountability in the Students’ Union, and the graduate prospects of its members. He promises to cut the “wasteful spending of the Union”, and “focus its efforts on really fulfilling its role …

Election special: Twelve candidates, twelve days

It begins again: the promises, the campaigning, the stunts, the hustings, the polling, the count. Each year, a new selection of our fellow students step forward to represent each and every one of us in all negotiations with the college …

Taking liberties

Thomas Raftery traces the historic aggregation of civil liberties in the USA, showing the scant regard for the principles on which their country was founded

I imagine that it was with some trepidation that 40 English Barons accosted King John, …

Salinger is dead, but his spirit lives on

J.D. Salinger is dead, the author who wrote what was once widely regarded as the seminal “coming of age” novel. Novels such as these are usually best appreciated when the reader is on the cusp of adulthood. They are unique …

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