Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is?

Clare Hammond questions how well we can know our self from mere reflection and asks what does your face really mean to you?

Energy efficiency: are all our efforts going to waste?

Trinity’s efforts to reduce energy consumption had never been more important at this time of year, or indeed, at a time when we’re watching the cost of everything around us so closely. How can we combine personal responsibility with the work that has already been done?

Trinity Arts Festival: tapping Trinity’s talent

Kerrie O’Brien takes you on a tour of past and future events at the Trinity Arts Festival, stopping off everywhere from the BLU to the Provost’s house

Trinity’s art world: surveyed

Does Trinity deserve its artistic reputation? Are art societies in Trinity only for a select few? And do students really care about Trinity’s Art world? Caroline O’ Leary investigates…

A degree with a dead end

Unemployment levels are rising and a university education is getting increasingly expensive. Sarah-Kate Caughey questions the usefulness of a degree: is it really worth it?

China’s changing minds

There is a common conception of China as state-influenced and overpopulated. Will Clowes tests his speculations and meets the determined people tipped to take over the world.

‘For evehr and a day’

His works transcend time, fashion, generation, culture, language, but what makes Shakespeare’s plays so immortal, asks Emily Monk

Love is in the language

The films have been well-watched and plays well-studied but Izabella Scott urges us to re-live ‘Romeo and Juliet’ through re-reading the original text; the words alone explain our addiction to Shakespeare’s most tragic love story

Memories of McDowell: a Trinity legend departs

A fixture on campus for decades, RB McDowell helped shape the college experience of generations of students. Anne Leonard looks back at the career of the Junior Dean to end them all.

Trinity graduates spearhead new awards for academic excellence

Traditionally, the Irish third level education system has focused on exam results rather than coursework as an indicator of excellence. The Irish Undergraduate Awards aim to correct this imbalance, writes Kiera Healy


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