Hygge: how the Danes bring warmth into their winters

“’Hygge’ does not translate into English. It is both an abstract noun and a verb, usually used to denote spending time with friends and family and having a laugh.”   Winters in Denmark can be very long, lasting from early November to March, and are often snowy. The Danes cope with these harsh winters through […]

A place they call home

  “Everything he owned was there and burned with it. He watched, helpless, as it burned, and all he could hear was the teenagers laughing.”   A couple of weeks ago, one of our clients had his tent set on fire by a group of teenagers. His tent was his home and having been moved […]

Behind the scenes at Dublin Mosque

  “Education is the only way to make change. What’s in the media doesn’t represent the whole religion of Islam, and it is important to show people what Islam actually is.”   The concept of an open day for a religious institution is becoming more popular as the Muslim population in Ireland continues to grow. […]

How long do you spend online every day?

  “As a post in the popular Reddit, Shower Thoughts put it: ‘How many miles have I scrolled on my phone?’”   Recently I attended a lecture, simply entitled “Doing business in China” which offered interesting insights into the differing business practises in Europe and China. The guest speaker who has had many years of […]

Creating History: 1500 years in 55 paintings

  Dr Rooney is adamant that the best way to see these paintings, and indeed any works of art, is in the flesh.   The new exhibition in the National Gallery “Creating History: Stories of Ireland in Art”, is a rich collection, encompassing 1500 years’ worth of Irish history in 55 paintings, painted over 350 […]

Fostaíocht sa Ghaeilge

                Tá an Ghaeilge mar theanga oifigeach an tAontas Eorpach le linn naoi mbliana anuas ach, cé go bhfuil stádas oifigúla aici, ní teanga ‘oibreatha’ í. Sé sin ráite, níl ar an tAontas Eorpach, seirbhisí aistriúcháin nó seirbhísí teangacha a chur ar fáil cé go bhfuil siad curtha […]

Homeless in the capital

Life on the streets of Dublin can be both emotionally and physically trying. Two weeks ago, the Trinity volunteers of Vincent De Paul broke up an impromptu fight between two homeless people in Temple Bar. As they sat with the man who had been attacked, the group could do little to comfort him. His wife […]

The interns fighting for fair pay in the UN

  74% of UN interns come from countries with a high-income status, and 78% would not have made it had it not been for their family’s support.   In August 2015, the international media fell victim to a stunt staged by an intern at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in Geneva. David Hyde, from New […]

A Revival of student activism: Fueling divestment with Fossil Free TCD

“Trinity had investments worth approximately €6.1m in companies such as Shell Global, ExxonMobil, BP and TransCanada Corporation.”   6.1 million euro is a lot of money – it’s a national lottery prize, a small island in the Philippines, or 62,500 years’ worth of Spotify premium. It is also the approximate amount of money that College […]

An interview with the new Vice-Provost

“We shouldn’t be shy in saying that we are interested in excellence. That excellence is academic excellence. So in some ways, it doesn’t matter who you are or who your parents are. It’s if you value that academic excellence then we’re here for you.”     Life in Ireland   The Vice-Provost offices in Front […]


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