Are we getting poorer?


One thing we’ve learned over the past week is that people are worried about money. It seems that Trump’s appeal lies largely with the “white working class”, people who are worried about their financial situation and feel that the government aren’t there to protect them. However, this conflicts with the prevailing idea that we’re all, […]

Who voted for Trump?

Credit: Joe Mabel; Wikipedia.

When you conduct a campaign relying on language that encourages otherisation, derision and open hatred of other groups you will find that a few speeches about ‘coming together’ will do little to heal the deep divisions.   I sat up on election night with The Hist to watch as the election results poured in. It […]

Who will be the next American president?


  “Between Trump and Clinton, Clinton has consistently held a narrow lead, although in the most recent polls it has widened to an 11 point lead on average.”   After a year of bruising primary contests and dramatic revelations about the candidates running for office, the final stage of the American presidential election is drawing […]

First you get the money…


  “If Donald Trump had invested his $500 million in the S&P 500 in 1982, he would have been worth around double what he is claiming he is today.”   The 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, was a co-founder of Bain Capital, a spin off investment fund from consultancy giant Bain & Company. Throughout […]

Politics and the art of lying

Credit: Anna Hardstaff

Most of us tell lies everyday: saying you’ve left the house when you’re still getting ready, telling yourself you’ll never drink again after a particularly wild night out, or even just saying you’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions. Sometimes we might tell some slightly bigger ones, such as calling in sick for […]

Examining Trinity’s fall in the QS World Rankings


For the past three years, Trinity has been on the decline, at least according to the QS World University Rankings, in which Trinity has fallen from 78th to 98th place this year. In the THE World University Rankings, Trinity is in an even worse position, coming in at 160th last year. These slumps have prompted […]

The real cost of hosting the Olympics


 The Olympics is one of the largest events in the world, and with the most recent games in Rio having 308 events in 28 sports and over 11,000 competitors, hosting it is sure to be quite expensive. However, a new study, led by Bent Flyvbjerg of the University of Oxford’s SAΪD Business School, suggests that […]

Ireland’s student accomodation

Photo by William Murphy

     The enormous increase in the number of students in third level education over the past several decades and the rapid population growth in Irish cities have created a situation where there is fierce competition for space to live in Dublin and in other cities that host third level educational institutions throughout the country. […]

Is it time for Ireland to reintroduce fees?

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Dylan Scully and Jonathan Deane take an in-depth look the implications of introducing tuition fees in Ireland by investigating some of the different systems of funding higher education that exist abroad

Exploring the question of gender disparity in academic positions


Gender breakdowns of various departments and faculties provided to Trinity News make for interesting reading


Niamh Lynch
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Katarzyna Siewierska
Clare McCarthy


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