Republic of Loose reunites at Phil

The Republic of Loose reunited to discuss music, life in a band as well as their career

For the first time in ten years, the original members of one of the greatest bands Ireland has ever produced, the Republic of Loose, gathered once more to talk modern music, creative differences, growing inspirations and life as professional musicians.

Silence in the Global Room

At first sight, the Hamilton building’s Global Room seems an unusual space for a mindfulness session. The twelve conjoined flat-screen monitors on the far wall blare out a barrage of current affairs; a tumult of newsrooms, foreign correspondents, world leaders,

Class-rep elections, politics and scuba diving

It is week two at Trinity and societies are gearing up for an action packed year

As the second week of lectures begins, the readings you’re putting off are starting to pile up and you slowly realise that you may, in fact, have taken on one too many society positions, it’s easy to get stressed and

Should Ireland stay or should we go?

The Phil, along with their guest speaker, debate whether Ireland should remain on the vessel of the EU or jump ship as Britain did

The Phil commenced with their weekly chamber debate of the term in front of a packed audience of both old and fresh faces alike, debating whether Ireland should remain in the EU or opt to exit it as Britain did.

MASI ethnic leadership panel

A frank conversation on the real issues at hand

Wednesday’s evening lecture marked the third day in this year’s ‘Empowerment Week.’ This is an initiative run by the Students Union in an effort to encourage individuals to take action on issues they feel passionately about. This event was focused

Trinity talks genetics, nuclear fusions and astronomy

With an unusual combination of nuclear fusion, astronomy, and genetics and homosexuality, Trinity Talks Science debuts their first podcast of the year

Yesterday evening ‘Gay-zing At The Stars’ was a podcast hosted by Trinity Talks Science alongside Trinity’s Space society and the General Science society in the Global Room at 5pm. Trinity Talks Science is a student-run podcast on, guess what, scientific

What it takes to be a class rep

Advocacy, hard work and an open minded approach listed as key characteristics at today’s talk

For many people entering college for the first time or even returning for their final year, the prospect of putting themselves forward for any kind of political office is daunting. However, as the attendees at today’s ‘What it takes to

This week in Trinity: empowering students to be involved on campus

Following fresher’s week, week two begins on a high note with scuba-diving, Dizzee Rascal and society mixers

The madness of Fresher’s week has come to a close and you may be left aching with exhaustion. With the spare change completely gone, the piles of free doughnut vouchers and lunch discounts are all that remain. Lectures begin and

BYOB: Bring your own buzz

Alcohol can be a defining aspect of student life in Dublin – fortunately, there are places where you can also relax alcohol-free

Alcohol is undoubtedly a defining aspect of student life in Dublin. It’s abundant at so many student meetups and much of student social life revolves around pubs, clubs, and bars. This can make it difficult for those who don’t drink

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