This week in Trinity: ethical entrepreneurship, the Fall of the Wall and Trans Day of Remembrance

It’s week eleven and with a TMT showcase, Trans Remembrance Day with TCDSU and a whole host of science based events, there’s plenty of reason to escape the library.

Week eleven in Trinity is packed full of fun events, proving that even as term starts to draw to a close and deadlines are fast approaching, Trinity’s societies still can find time to put on a show.


Monday kicks

Cosmetics and cages

It can be easy to forget the story behind a makeup brand. Here is a handy guide to help you avoid companies that test on animals with some cheap alternatives

Of all outdated cultural and scientific practices, the testing of makeup on animals has remained intact despite intermittent bouts of uproar of protest and controversy. The taboo subject tends to involve the use of forced oral feeding, skin tests and

Lesser spotted societies

Taking a look at five of the newest, and most niche societies on campus

The social scene at Trinity has long been dominated by College’s more established societies, but what can be said for the smaller societies? The stands you walked by that didn’t have overarching canopies, that tried to entice you with biscuits

Rent – a tale worth telling

The Trinity Halls annual musical was a taste of what this year’s crop of fresh young talent has to offer in the world of theatre

Rent debuted last night and will perform again tonight as this year’s Trinity Halls Musical. With almost a full house, there were high hopes for this student-run production of the much-loved musical. The Halls musical is put together every year …

Two polar opposites who aren’t all that different: The Kavanagh brothers

Trinity Entrepreneurial Society hosted the Kavanagh brothers, both entrepreneurs with one famous for training Conor McGregor

Last night, the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society welcomed two of Ireland’s most prominent self-made success stories, the Kavanagh brothers, to a packed  JM Synge lecture theatre. James has become synonymous with Irish millennials as a social media influencer and as co-owner

A miniature art gallery at Trinity

VisArts showcased their sketchbooks alongside wine and food last night in the Atrium

Last night, Trinity Visual Arts brought a vibrant explosion of colours to the Atrium at its highly-anticipated Sketchbook Exhibition. The Sketchbook project comes after a series of successful Botanical illustration workshops in collaboration with BotSoc and DU Meditation and was

This week in Trinity: Disability awareness, Sinead Burke and Samhain

A day dedicated to the Samhain festival, High Society and disability awareness week are amongst a few of the events planned for week ten

The weather is freezing and you probably got drenched in the rain last week but don’t let that get you down. There may be assignments due and work to be done, but there is such a wide of variety of

Why are memes so ingrained in student culture?

With meme pages becoming an ever present staple in student’s lives, Milena Barnes examines why they are so popular

Much like the emergence of the Renaissance in 14th century Italy, a new art form has dawned on our millennial horizon: memes. From the enigmatic vine compilation that graces your Youtube recommendations, to a humble doug meme that imparts age-old

The political facade has to stop

A closer look at political societies

One of the very first societies I was coerced into signing up to during Freshers’ Week was Ógra Fianna Fáil. Young, naive, impressionable, and incomprehensibly nervous, a couple of euro and my email address seemed a small price to

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