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Found in translation

Jayna Rohslau interviews Trinity alumna Lianne Quigley on her interpretative work for the ISL Deaf Translations Project at Dublin Fringe Festival

“Then the wet windin’ roads / Brown bogs and black water/ And my thoughts on white ships / And the King of Spain’s daughter.” Although we may be accustomed to Dublin’s weather, imagining oneself in a sunnier locale remains undeniably

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To bee or not to bee

Jayna Rohslau analyses Trinity alum Paul Murray’s latest novel The Bee Sting

When reading The Bee Sting, I laughed, I cried, and I even winced recalling memories from my first semester of college. Once, like the clueless fresher that I was, I asked a question in a lecture and the professor laughed

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Laughter in the age of AI

Jayna Rohslau interviews Professor Jennifer Edmond on AI’s cultural impact in advance of ‘Who Wants to Write an Email?’ at Dublin Fringe Festival

I don’t garden, but if I did, I can only imagine it would be like emptying my inbox. You might think weeding out emails gets easier over time, but it remains a tedious and remarkably painful task. Unlike actual weeds,

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Recalling the faces of a varying stage

Ciana Meyers reports on the artistic highlights from the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

With August having jumped into 2023, Scotland submerges us in artistry. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s marketing campaign is titled Fill Yer Boots, meaning the gathering of all things cherished and important. The phrase signals the rhythmic fall of shoes on …

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Fringing Theatrical Bets

Diana Stokes and JJ Tuite discuss their top picks for the upcoming Dublin Fringe Festival


Since its founding in 1995, the Dublin Fringe Festival has sought to highlight the immense creativity of Dublin’s independent artists through a month-long festival demonstrating their capabilities. From interactive art exhibitions highlighting the best of Dublin’s independent artists through their

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Object Permanence

Bruna Ciulli reviews artist Liz Magor’s Douglas Hyde exhibition

Before seeing Vancouver-based artist Liz Magor’s exhibition The Rise and The Fall in the Douglas Hyde, I had only encountered her work photographed on Pinterest. Flattened into digital images, her All the Names sculpture series (2016) reminds me of paper

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Wealth that whispers… or yawns

Prachi Tailor shares quiet luxury’s troubling implications

In recent times, our fashion-conscious society has embraced “quiet luxury,” an enigmatic blend of casual elegance and opulence without overt displays of wealth. This trend has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, reshaping our perception of dressing with grace and

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Music in its married bliss

Dusk Mac Buideach interviews Cáit Ní Riain on how traditional Irish music and yoga form the ultimate power couple

Irish traditional music and Yoga seem like an unlikely pairing, but for Cáit Ní Riain they are lifelong companions. On an early Wednesday morning, I sat down with Cáit Ní Riain, a traditional Irish singer and musician from County Tipperary.

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100 years in Gdańsk, Poland

Eimear Feeney details how Gdańsk’s history informs the pulsing cultural scene

After spending most of your summer pushing yourself to work busy night shifts, a holiday is necessary before starting a new college year. Let me invite you onto the picturesque streets of Gdańsk, Poland. Yet in your enjoyment of the