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Careers in the arts: Smashing Times are using the arts to rewrite history

Mary Moynihan of Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality describes their artistic mission, forgotten Irish heroines and learning from the past, writes Grace Farrell

The Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality, which also incorporates a Theatre and Film Company and a Youth Arts Ensemble, is an organisation which uses the arts to promote human rights, climate justice and gender equality. Their

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Moving: the new Trinity publication rooted in creative response

Co-Founders Grace Farrell and Ellie O’Neill spoke to Trinity News about their new prompt-based publication and the space they want to create

In light of Trinity Publications’ grant applications in pursuit of new, innovative and versatile platforms, Senior Sophister English Studies students Grace Farrell and Ellie O’Neill sought to create “[their] own thing from nothing.” From here, a uniquely multiform and response-based

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How Give Us The Night are challenging the status quo

Sunil Sharpe from Give Us The Night talks about Ireland’s outdated approach to nightlife, the cultural value of clubs and changing legislation

It is no secret that the sorry state of nightlife in Dublin has been a topic of heated discussion in recent years. The closure of some of the city’s most treasured venues such as Hangar, District 8, and most recently

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“More alive than life itself”: Leonardo: The Works

The award-winning Exhibition On Screen series’ latest feat grants unique insight into never-before-seen details of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works, writes Katie Greally

As I settled into the plush, yellow chair in the dimmed theatre of the Lighthouse Cinema, I gave the programme handed to me upon entry a final glance. This was a personal touch from the film’s director, outlining the aspiration

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Filming Trinity: A guide to the college’s features on screen

Heather Croghan discusses Trinity’s TV and film cameos ranging from features in historical biopics to Bollywood backgrounds

Over the years, there have been a number of films shot on Trinity’s campus. Whether it’s an integral part of the production or merely features as part of a shot, as Front Arch did in Liz Gill’s 2003 film Goldfish

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Behind Blue’s eyes: Roots, records, and reflection

Jonathon Boylan speaks to singer-songwriter and Trinity student Oscar Blue about his growing fame and the pursuit of modesty in a budding musical career.

In the last few years, Trinity’s music scene has progressed from up-and-coming to altogether eclectic. With promising acts such as Cooks But We’re Chefs, Rónán Connolly, Étáin, and Eve Belle emerging, not to mention the proliferation of societies such as

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Your Hallo-week sorted: The best of Dublin’s spooky offerings

Magical cocktails, a Gotham-inspired night out and séances: here are your Halloween plans

Another year, another Halloween night spent in gorging on sweets that were meant for trick or treaters and tapping through Snapchat stories of peers donning devil or clown costumes with spooky contact lenses. Or perhaps, that doesn’t have to be

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Dublin flea markets: Beyond the bric-a-brac

The issue of art, culture, and real estate in Dublin isn’t limited to, but rather exemplified by the issue of the city’s flea markets, writes Claire Stalhuth

When starting this article, I had planned to reference the Robert Pinsky poem ‘Antique’, explore the human desire to nest in our conspicuous consumption tchotchkes and relics, finagle a pithy reference to the German Kunstkammer; maybe throw in a bit

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Album review: Maija Sofia’s Bath Time

Maddie Deye reviews the Trinity student’s debut album featuring celestial vocals, intricate storytelling and the power of remembrance

Over soulful indie guitar and violin, Maija Sofia softly croons about the feminine experience – dancing from the religious, to the folk, to the modern narratives we tell about women. Named one of The Irish Times’ “50 People to Watch