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Re-Joyce in Dublin this Bloomsday

Ella Sloane’s guide to celebrating the centenary of Ulysses on June 16

This year marks the centenary of the first edition of Ulysses, and the Bloomsday Festival is back and bigger than ever. Named after the novel’s protagonist, Leopold Bloom, Bloomsday takes place annually on June 16 to celebrate the legacy of

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Exploring Ireland’s place in the Black Atlantic at EPIC

David Wolfe talks to Trinity graduate and historian Dr Maurice Casey about his new exhibition, Revolutionary Routes: Ireland and the Black Atlantic

Ireland, unique among western European countries as a former colony rather than coloniser, has often preferred to view itself as exempt from the difficult history of racism and slavery which much scholarship is only now coming to terms with. However,

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An ode to our own Agatha Christies

Elaine McHale discusses the influx of Irish female writers who are dominating the genre of crime fiction

At the start of the pandemic, Ilike many othersfound myself wanting to escape the seemingly fictitious surroundings that we had found ourselves in. Books were a significant source of relief from the ensuing chaos and I

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The Real Deal: your only guide to Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey

Elena McCrory gets the inside scoop on this one of a kind art event with Project Director Jillian Wilson

This exhibition uses high intensity flashing lights. As advertised on, it may irritate or even trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey is not what people are expecting.