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Remembering Tim Robinson

Separated from public spaces, prescient perspective is found in the work of the writer and cartographer

This summer has seen a unique distortion of order as we know it, with the boundaries in the sphere of day to day life blurred. A trip to the supermarket felt like a heroic quest. The private haven of our

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Women Make Film

Markéta Ní Eithir interviews Mark Cousins about his new documentary and the importance of recognising the work of female directors

At the Dublin Film Festival in February 2020, myself and my fellow film students, Giorgiomaria Cornelio and Niamh Muldowney, got the opportunity to interview Mark Cousins, a director and film critic from Belfast, best known for his 15-hour 2011 documentary

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Banríon’s Airport Dads graces the Irish music scene

Shaping a world where vulnerability is strength, the dynamic four-piece’s first effort is raw, established, and remarkably memorable

Airport Dads, Banríon’s premier EP, is an album about inertia: feeling hindered by geographical distance, missing your friends but being unable to fix anything, the process of healing but still aching. Banríon’s eleven-minute debut is a mature yet joyously youthful

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“You wouldn’t steal a movie”: The ethics of piracy

Ella McGill discusses the moral conundrum of media piracy augmented by the Covid-19 crisis

Every child of the DVD generation knows the ad:


Its battered font, flashing imagery and downright infectious background music are carved into our collective consciousness. While its aesthetics have had lasting impacts on us, the

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Creatives against Covid-19 inspires students across the globe to design posters in aid of ISPCC

Online campaign Creatives Against Covid-19 calls on artistic minds to help raise funds for vulnerable people

In a society where hustle culture has become the norm, lockdown has created a challenging paradox: how does one stay productive from home? Despite its often vacuous nature, social media has provided us with a vessel for communication and, it …

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Lost Stock: A fashion enterprise driven by a compassion for garment workers and the environment

The mysterious fashion box scheme which works to support garment workers around the globe in alleviating the environmental damage imposed by the fast-fashion crisis

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are both colossal and far-reaching, emerging in almost every corner of our world and society.  The dire impact that this virus has had on industries worldwide and the global economy itself certainly makes for

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Careers in the arts: how The Nu Wardrobe is revolutionizing the consumer landscape

Aisling Byrne talks to Trinity News about her career so far, sustainable fashion, and a new-found consciousness in our society

Since emerging as graduates from Trinity in 2015, Aisling Byrne, alongside her good friend, Ali Kelly, has gone on to establish The Nu Wardrobe; a social enterprise which caters to ecologically aware consumers. The campaign provides a platform with which

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The rise of Irish spoken word poetry

Aoife Coyne explores the growing popularity of spoken word poetry currently experiencing a surge thanks to climate change, the housing crisis, and a global pandemic

For many of us, the newfound excess of spare time we have on our hands has resulted in extra hours of mindless scrolling. However, if you’re looking for some online content that will feed the soul, look no further than