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The ultimate guide to film in Dublin

The city boasts an eclectic range of cinemas for film fans to enjoy according to Heather Croghan

The film scene in Dublin can simultaneously feel daunting and underwhelming. While it is not hard to find screenings of films, ranging from mainstream blockbusters to those of the indie variety, it can be difficult to seek out specific events

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Creatives in Trinity: An interview with Étáin

The singer-songwriter discusses her blossoming career

Hailing from the depths of Connacht, singer-songwriter Étáin has crafted a trademark songwriting style, and boasts a delicate yet commanding voice filled with light and shade. Speaking to Trinity News, she discusses the Trinity music scene, her inspiration and the

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Shade, illumination, and relaxation: Sorolla’s Seascapes at the National Gallery

Gráinne Quigley reviews a pop-up talk about the gallery’s latest exhibition, Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light

On Friday, the National Gallery of Ireland held a pop-up talk relating to Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light, their newest exhibition. Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light was organised by the gallery in collaboration with curators from the National Gallery London

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Birthright review: Dublin Fringe Festival’s most local masterpiece

Nadine Flynn’s play explores working-class tragedies exacerbated by the institutions around them, writes Henry Petrillo

Lir graduate Nadine Flynn’s Birthright began with the hushed sounds of a compact audience creaking on the wooden benches of Smock Alley Theatre, the small space and lowered stage facilitating an immediate sense of intimacy between the audience and the

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Careers in the arts: an interview with Martin Doyle, The Irish Times’ books editor

Grace Farrell speaks to the respected journalist about Irish writing, college degrees, and Fatboy Slim

For many arts students, leaving college with the intention of staying in your chosen field is a daunting prospect. While English students are assumed to be aspiring writers, and history students aspiring historians, it is worth remembering the variety of

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The 25th Dublin Fringe Festival is set to inspire and captivate

An exposé of both homegrown and international talent will be presented in various locations in Dublin’s city centre over a sixteen day period

Comedy, theatre, dance and performance art culminate from September 7th to 22th, celebrating Dublin Fringe Festival’s 25th year running. The festival will run for 16 days and nights, staging 36 venues, 77 productions, 545 performances, with 54 world premieres.

“Fringe …

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Modernism reveals Germany’s dark past: Bauhaus 100 – The Print Portfolios

Seminal artworks from the famous Bauhaus art school impress in the National Gallery

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, a fascinating and highly influential German art and design school which flourished during the first half of the 20th century. To commemorate this event, the National Gallery of …

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When science and storytelling collide: The Festival of Curiosity’s These Stupid Things

Director Sarah Baxter’s play depicts an ambitious merging of fact and fiction, interaction and immersion, and rationale and emotion

The Festival of Curiosity was founded with the aim of providing “unique, visual and interactive cultural experiences in Dublin that merge cutting-edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive & curious ways.” While the abundance of adjectives prodded the …