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Reading between the lines: Alice Rekab’s Project at the Douglas Hyde

Caitlin Kawalek explores the multi-platform Family Lines Project at the Douglas Hyde Gallery

The centrepiece of the online page for Alice Rekab’s multi-platform Family Lines Project at the Douglas Hyde Gallery is a composite artwork that combines images of individuals with trees, animals, traditional African sculpture, and digital drawings. Its most prominent feature

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In Conversation with Paul Hallahan

Oona Kauppi sits down with artist Paul Hallahan to discuss his new exhibit at Hang Tough Contemporary, Words as Colour Not Language, closing on Sunday 20 March

When I say that Paul Hallahan’s works are arresting, what I mean is that I walked past the gallery showing his work – Hang Tough Contemporary – and could not take my eyes away. The painting that had attracted my …

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Modern Irish art takes centre stage in Paris

Caroline Costello guides us through the new initiative set by the Department of Foreign Affairs to showcase and repair the Irish art and culture section

From museums and galleries closing, to concerts cancelled and attempts to move events online, the arts and culture sector was one of the most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following two years of on-again off-again lockdowns, this impact on the

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Rediscover Christ in a new light

Ella Sloane discusses Christ and His Cousin: Renaissance Rediscoveries with curator Dr Aoife Brady at the National Gallery of Ireland

Running until 8 May 2022 with free admissions, Christ and His Cousin: Renaissance Rediscoveries offers its viewers a unique “window into the past”, and is rife with symbolism recognisable to any Renaissance expert, or lover. The exhibition consists of eight

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Did we need another Macbeth?

Khushi Jain discusses the new adaptation of Macbeth by Joel Coen

The question is simple and straightforward: did we need another Macbeth? The answer is slightly slippery No. And yes. Shakespeare’s predominance in English literary and drama syllabi is mostly matched by his presence in the film industry. From Kenneth

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Turner and Place: a colourful escape

Elena McCrory reviews the annual exhibition Turner & Place: Landscapes in Light and Detail, at the National Gallery

Walking into the Print Room at the National Gallery of Ireland, Francis Place’s (1647-1728) drawings are incandescent against their navy backdrop. His eclectic collection of Irish scenery is exhibited in a series of 19, from when he spent time in

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How to get your writing noticed

Ria Walls discovers how to get your writing seen as a student with the variety of publications available on campus

We are lucky to be surrounded by so many talented students at Trinity, clearly demonstrated by a wide range of societies, clubs and organisations. Within Trinity News (TN) there are copious amounts of writers who help us keep the newspaper

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RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra ignites hope for the music genre

Maisie McGregor delves into the significance of Orchestra as a traditional genre in light of the initiative by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

On Wednesday (19th January) Catherine Martin TD, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, announced that the government has set aside an eight million euro budget for the transfer of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and Choirs from