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Aisling Duffy Designs on sustainability and identity

Irish designer Aisling Duffy talks sustainability, identity and cultivating your own independent label in an industry dominated by fast fashion

Walking into Dublin Barista School, I grab a coffee for Duffy and myself. Duffy, true to form, provides her reusable cup while I, tail between my legs, opt for the compostable paper vessels provided by the coffee shop. Her eclectic

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Deep dive with Trinity’s Cooks But We’re Chefs

Madalyn Williams sits down with Jesse Russell to talk about the band that has shaped the Trinity music scene and his college career

Cooks But We’re Chefs has been a staple of the Trinity music scene over the past few years, with the nine-piece ensemble jumping from strength to strength: they are set to play Trinity Ball for the second time later this

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A Surprise Review: Humour, comfort, tears and terror as Smock Alley’s A Surprise takes to the stage

Patrick O’Sullivan’s A Surprise debuts at the Scene and Heard Festival and confronts its audience with the jarring spontaneity of life’s pitfalls

Julius Caesar once said, “no one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected”, and indeed I found this to be true of Smock Alley Theatre’s production of A Surprise. The writer, Patrick O’Sullivan, manages to compact

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Dublin International Film Festival shines a spotlight on female directors

Hitting the city at the end of the month, the Festival promises a celebration of Irish and female filmmakers

The Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) is back – this time, with the desire to highlight female directors and women in the film industry. Though the festival prides itself on inclusivity in all regards, the fete aims to draw a

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Visibility, solidarity and celebration at The EveryWoman Project

A project for trans women by trans women illuminates the National Museum of Ireland

On the evening of February 1st, the front gate of Collins Barracks was lit up with powerful images of transgender women and non-binary folk. The EveryWoman Project involves three organisations advocating for issues affecting women, transgender and non-binary people; Herstory,

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Careers in the arts: Paula Meehan talks college, poetry, and the “machine age”

Acclaimed poet, playwright and Trinity graduate Paula Meehan speaks to Trinity News about college in the 70s, her advice for aspiring writers, and what it means to be a poet today

On a grey November morning, I set off for the Rostrevor Literary Festival to interview the esteemed poet and Trinity graduate Paula Meehan. A serendipitous occurrence she remarks, almost in disbelief, as to how I had traveled home from

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Six must-read books by Trinity alumni

Want to follow in the footsteps of Trinity’s literary figures, learn about them, or simply liven up your bookshelf? Poetry, prose, essays, poetry — we’ve got you covered.

Sara Baume

A Line Made by Walking

Baume studied Fine Art at IADT before obtaining her Masters in Creative Writing at Trinity. Additionally, she spent nine months as an intern at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in 2008. She has since

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Rachael Lavelle’s spirited soundworlds

Dublin-based artist Rachael Lavelle on creating music which responds to the world, and how the world responds in return

As 2019 drew to a close and music sites published their top Irish tracks of the year, Rachael Lavelle was a name ubiquitous to most. Her song, Perpetual Party, released in September 2019 made its way into Nialler9, was reviewed

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Creatives in Trinity: Exploring the intricacies of Róisín Ní Haicéid’s life

Jane Loughman speaks to the second-year student, artist, and activist

Róisín Ní Haicéid walks into KC Peaches, walking stick in hand, a beaming smile upon her face. We greet, hug, and order oat milk coffee and lemon cake before diving into everything from music and her band Banríon, to activism