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A Unique Take on Disability

Ross Coleman gives us a preview of the new exhibition Unique: A Disabled Perspective run by the Trinity Ability co_op and the TCDSU

On 29th November, doors will be opened to the Trinity Ability co_op and TCDSU’s new exhibition Unique: a Disabled Perspective. This stunning exhibition, housed in the newly opened Printing House Square, features artwork and poetry on the topic of disability,

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Capturing comedy: Ashes to Ashmore

Emma Lueders reviews Emily Ashmore’s latest comedy show Ashes to Ashmore

Emily Ashmore has had her fair share of medical procedures, and it seems that laughter is still the best medicine. The 22-year-old Dubliner has just launched her most recent show Ashes to Ashmore as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival …

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The Driver Era gets candid with Trinity News

Fern Kelly-Landry and Ria Walls talk to Ross and Rocky Lynch about life on tour, their time in Ireland and advice for aspiring artists


What started as a family passion in Colorado has now become the well-known pop group, The Driver Era. The years of stardom on Disney and Glee meant this musical family was never far from the spotlight. With each sibling growing …

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Boys, Boys and more Boys

Matthew James Hodgson examines queer and gay photography in the newly launched online platform and magazine BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!

In January 2021, The Little Black Gallery’s co-founder Ghislain Pascal launched BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!, a magazine devoted to promoting queer and gay photography. Originally a fine art focused digital platform, BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! runs in parallel to GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!. …

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A day in the life of an Irish publisher

Ria Walls discusses life as a publisher with Tramp Press founders Lisa Coen and Sarah Davis-Goff

When I heard the name Tramp Press, I was drawn to it. The obvious negative connotations of this phrase make it an attention grabber. Take what you will from the word, but a stand-out definition to me is the bold