Food & Drink

Critiquing the food critic

Lara Bhakdi takes a look at the outdated values and lack of representation in the industry

“Any complaints?” reads the last part of the review. This is where it could all go wrong, where the critic could really tear into the food they’ve just eaten and possibly leave an indelible mark on the reputation of the …

Food & Drink

Are we really in Love with Local?

Eoghan Conway looks at the relationship between imported produce and local more sustainable options

Go on, take a look at your cupboards. Depending on what day of the week it is and your individual budgeting skills you could be faced with one of two options.  It could either be a sad sparse reflection of

Food & Drink

The cult of high-protein foods

Phoebe Pascoe discusses the worrying rise of the newest food fad haunting the shelves

Whether you prefer to frequent Tesco or TikTok, one food group is particularly inescapable on shelves and online recently: protein. Recipes foreground how many grams of protein they include, yoghurts bear high-protein labels, and many influencers’ “everything I eat in

Food & Drink

A Homemade Valentine’s

Maïlé Monteiro guides you through a cosy Valentine’s dinner at home

With February 14 right around the corner, the pressure to impress that special someone is on; bring on the kitschy heart-shaped decorations, the lovey-dovey PDA, the 20-course candlelit dinners. Expect hiked prices and sore eyes, as the only colours in