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Dublin’s ultimate brunches

Daniel O’Dwyer explores the best brunch spots that the city has to offer

I’ll confess, I’ve never really “got” brunch. I feel this has something to do with the difficult decisions brunch often prompts: Should I have breakfast beforehand? What time, if at all, should I have “dunch”? Shouldn’t I be in my

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Dublin’s ultimate affordable cocktails

Alison Traynor discusses the best places to buy cocktails that don’t cost more than a pint

Cocktails are certainly not a common staple of student nights out. Instead, our bank balances dictate that we must survive on Tesco vodka and the pain-and-misery-in-a-bottle known as Buckfast. Yet, this does not have to be the case any more, …

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Reasonable food overshadowed by an uncomfortable atmosphere at Wing’s World Cuisine

New city centre buffet offers impressive variety, but is lacking where it matters most

Buffet food has always had a warm place in my heart. For all the criticism it receives for bringing out the worst in people’s gluttonous nature, in my view buffet restaurants still function as somewhat of a unifying force. Not …

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Sprezzatura: Inexpensive, sustainable pasta in an oh-so-nonchalant environment

Despite teething issues, Camden Market’s newest restaurant is worth a visit, writes Alison Traynor

Wandering down Grantham Street last Tuesday, my friend and I scoured the road for several minutes in an attempt to locate Sprezzatura, Camden Market’s hyped new pasta bar. While standing on the curb, our perplexed expressions prompted a woman on …

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Veganic: your one-stop sustainable shop

Vegan dog food, eco-friendly washing up liquid and a zero waste dispensary can all be found at the new eco-friendly supermarket

The weekly shop can be a challenging undertaking, especially on a student budget. The balance between consuming healthy fresh food whilst at the same time reducing waste is something Veganic may provide a solution for. Nestled on the corner of …

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The Shawarma Company: Authentic Arabic food in the heart of Dublin

Dame Street’s new restaurant is perfect for anybody wanting to try something new or enjoy the flavours of home, says Sara Magid

Oxford Dictionary definition of shawarma: (in some Arabic-speaking countries) a doner kebab. The real definition of shawarma is meat on a rotisserie spit, sliced thinly and placed in flatbread with an array of sauces and toppings or heaven in a …