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It’s all about those buns

Bob McLarnon reviews the pastries at Hong Kong Taste

Bakeries are quite possibly where I am happiest on earth. For a few serene seconds, you are bathed in beautiful scents and surrounded by warm colours as you gaze at plump buns, blooming loaves, and tempting desserts. In choice spots,

Food & Drink

Foraging in Dublin

Alfie Fletcher breaks down how to swap supermarket plastic for leafy greens

When you live in a big city like Dublin, it can be difficult to reconnect to nature. Foraging, however, can be a solution. Instead of driving to a supermarket to put a plastic-wrapped vegetable into a plastic bag, try foraging,

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Fuelling up this exam season

Tips and tricks on how to survive a pandemic study season; habit-tracking, rewarding yourself, and fuelling your body.

This article contains specific references to eating and food habits.

As the academic year comes to a close, we face the annual hurdle of examinations and end-of-term assignments. This year, having spent over 365 days now in a pandemic, most

Food & Drink

Making: Pomegranate sorbet

Prepare for summer with refreshing sugary ice

Whenever I told people I was making pomegranate sorbet, it always garnered the same response: a mixture of admiration and curiosity. Incidentally, this is the kind of reaction I seek in every interaction I have with others.  But in this