In conversation with Stampify’s CEO, Conor Leen

Stampify, a company set up by Trinity graduates, aims to replace the coffee-stamped loyalty card with a more charitable approach

Stampify is giving the humble loyalty card a remodel as it shifts the focus away from free coffees, and, instead, aims to tackle world hunger. Founded by Trinity graduate and former BESS student, Conor Leen, the non-for-profit loyalty card has

This week in Trinity: RAG week, Mary Berry and a fashion show

Week three of this term brings many charity events ranging from a sing along social, to the Trinity’s best dance crew competition as well as a visit from Yale University

This week marks the highly anticipated RAG week where Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union and Trinity Ents will host a large range of charity events with other societies. The money raised will go towards various charities such as Suas and

How to tell your parents you failed your exams

A comprehensive and helpful guide on breaking the dreadful news to the folks at home

During your college years, you face many daunting, even terrifying challenges. There are those activities in which you have little to no previous experience, such as doing laundry or trying to boil an egg. Other intimidating moments include trying not

Ask the Trinity Collidge Agony Aunt

The man behind Trinity Collidge, Michael McDermott, is here to answer all your niggling questions

How do I get people to stop bullying me for watching animes?

Based on my limited knowledge of anime, you can ignore them because you are the chosen one or have some hidden ability that will one day save the

Fend off the cold weather blues with wine and paint

Dishing out free wine, paints and snacks for the masses, the Visual Arts society and the Classical society put on an evening for warming wind-chilled fingers, toes and spirits

The VisArts Paint & Sip event started up this year at 5pm on Tuesday in a new and more spacious location of the GMB. There was an abundance of room for students to relax and spread out as well as

Prof John O’Connor speaks to Psych Soc on mental health and illness

He spoke to Psych Soc on the mental health and illness paradigm as part of Body and Soul week

On Tuesday, in the Maxwell Theatre, PsychSoc played host to guest speaker John O’Connor, a lecturer at College as well as a registered psychologist and psychotherapist. The objective of the lecture was to open up a conversation surrounding the concept

The Film Scene: Movie night at Workmans

The Film Scene is a student run forum where student filmmakers can show their work to film fanatics and those looking to fill an evening

As the new term ushers in and we are all reunited with our College friends, it can be a good idea to find new things to do in Dublin, as opposed to re-visiting your usual hang out spots. One new

Trinity Fringe provides laughter, entertainment and education once more

One of the most unique events on campus leaves an unsurprisingly positive impact

Self-described as an “exciting and vibrant showcase of all new bright and bold ideas,” this year’s Trinity Fringe festival certainly did not disappoint. A three day programme included workshops for aspiring creative minds on “how to submit to Dublin