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Finding a home for consent in Trinity: interview with Sexual Consent Intern Aoife Grimes

“It’s important to note that all colleges in Ireland and across the world have a problem with sexual violence and Trinity is no exception”

This article contains topics of consent and sexual assault.

In March 2019, the Students’ Union (SU) voted to introduce an intern for sexual consent education and development to Trinity. Speaking to Trinity News over Zoom, Aoife Grimes, the current sexual

Sex & Relationships

Life after sexual assault

Relearning to love oneself after trauma is scary, but it doesn’t have to be done alone

This article contains discussion of sexual assault.

It was over a year after my assault that I finally had sex again. At first, it didn’t matter that I was in a loving relationship full of trust and goodness, both of

Sex & Relationships

The hot-take from Trinity’s new condom dispenser

TN interviews some the lucky first users of the SU’s latest investment in student health

It’s finally happened, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Trinity College Dublin’s SU has followed the footsteps of literally every other university in the 21st century and installed a free condom dispenser for its students. The excitement is palpable.…

Sex & Relationships

Maintaining relationships online

Small ways you can keep in touch during self isolation

The current circumstances have created challenges for everyone. Friendships, as well as romantic relationships, have been strained by a lack of physical communication. However, using self-isolation as a chance to let relationships grow and develop under extraordinary circumstances offers a …