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Codependency vs romance: Where do we draw the line?

Holly Thompson explores the difficulties that arise in relationships when codependency takes over

Romance, lust, desire: feelings which we connote with romantic relationships. However, for the co-dependent individual, these sentiments become muddled with obsession, addiction, and dependency. Where do we draw the line between codependency and genuine romance? How do we identify if

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Demystifying PMDD

Ella Sloane highlights the under-discussed topic of PMDD through the experiences of those who suffer from the condition

Content warning: this article contains mention of suicidal ideation and self harm

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a severe and under-recognised form of PMS. One student diagnosed with the disorder shared that whilst she often tries to explain it as …

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Dear Diary: I hate Valentine’s Day, and you should too

Ria Walls tackles the Valentine’s Day blues in the first instalment of the Sex and Relationships section’s online journal series

February 14 is inescapable every year, but it seems even harder to avoid when you’re single. Every shop has its own Valentine’s Day-themed section in the run-up to the dreaded day. There are cards, flowers, teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates, sexy

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How do you masturbate?

Ella McGill spoke with seven Trinity students as they shed light on the stigma surrounded topic of masturbation

Have you ever talked to a friend about masturbation? Like, really talked? Masturbation is taboo, and the intricate ways we do and do not pleasure ourselves don’t tend to arise organically in daily chit-chat. In part because silence breeds stigma

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Left on read

Emma Gallagher examines the concept of ghosting and its implications

Message delivered 5 minutes ago. Delivered 5 hours ago. Delivered yesterday. Opened 3 hours ago. No reply. Ouch. 

No matter how cool you are or believe you are almost everyone in the modern realm of dating has experienced

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Calling for an End to the Female Body as a Trend

Cat Grogan scrutinises the fickle trends that society imposes on the female body and the detrimental ramifications that these trends have on women’s lives

Picture this: a newborn baby girl lies before you. It is your job to tell her the truth: that the world she has been born into will evaluate her worth according to the shape of her body and the extent