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New College, New Me

Chloe Gleeson discusses how her mentality changed from secondary school to final year

In secondary school, my mind became governed by strict dualities. Anything pertaining to my life was very simply defined: good or bad, success or failure. I felt this mentality was necessary in order to advance, to surmount the numerous societal

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“It is disappointing that we have to rally again only two years after Repeal”

An interview with End IBSA Ireland co-founder Eboni Burke

This article contains mention of abuse, child abuse, and image-based sexual abuse

At the end of November, hundreds of activists gathered virtually to protest against image based sexual abuse in Ireland. Ten days before, activist and End Image Based Sexual

Sex & Relationships

Should we even count?

Saoirse Joy unpacks the stigma of one’s sexual body count, and whether it should matter at all

I make no secret of the fact that I love sex. It’s something that, as a single college student in her early twenties, I enjoy immensely, especially after a brief quarantine induced hiatus, and something that I don’t feel ashamed

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How To Have Sex Online

Eva O’Beirne discusses how to have safe, virtual sex during lockdown

On 3 August 2020, the Health Service Executive (HSE), along with the Irish Pharmacy Union, launched a Covid-19 advice campaign that dealt with the subject of sexual activity. At first, I didn’t think much of the cringe-worthy statements “consider masturbation