Sex & Relationships

Getting Checked

A visit to the gynecologist, and reflections on sexual and reproductive healthcare

I am not registered with a GP.

Somewhere in the haze of school to bigger school to university, one city and one country to another, I never did the paperwork. I was aware, as one is aware of things like …

Sex & Relationships

Intertwining intimacy, gender and sexuality

Experiences of being in an emotional, romantic, and sexual relationship are an important part of a trans person’s journey, writes Frank Wolfe

Around eight months ago, I got into a loving, romantic relationship. It was, and still is, exciting in all the usual ways, and has changed the way I feel about many different aspects of my life.  But ask me to …

Sex & Relationships

All the World’s A Stage – So listen to our stories

мария страшилова discusses her upcoming piece of verbatim theatre that explores domestic abuse and sexual violence in Bulgaria.

Writer: мария страшилова

When I came to Dublin, one thing really fascinated me about its theatre: all of the plays I saw were focused on current sociopolitical issues. I loved it because in Bulgaria, where I am from, theatre may …