Sex & Relationships

Right Or Wrong

Izzie Willis explores her relationship to sex and alcohol

Right or wrong, sex and alcohol seem to be intrinsically tied up with one another – for me, and for a lot of other people I know. It is obvious in a way, with the loosening of inhibitions being indiscriminate.

Sex & Relationships

On Platonic Intimacy

Ella Walsh discusses the subtle but burning importance of platonic intimacy in our everyday and romantic relationship

Last winter in Dublin, my housemates and I got the bright idea to save on our electricity bill by periodically shutting off our old, inefficient heaters. In the end, it made the house so cold that one of my friends

Sex & Relationships

Getting Checked

A visit to the gynecologist, and reflections on sexual and reproductive healthcare

I am not registered with a GP.

Somewhere in the haze of school to bigger school to university, one city and one country to another, I never did the paperwork. I was aware, as one is aware of things like …

Sex & Relationships

Intertwining intimacy, gender and sexuality

Experiences of being in an emotional, romantic, and sexual relationship are an important part of a trans person’s journey, writes Frank Wolfe

Around eight months ago, I got into a loving, romantic relationship. It was, and still is, exciting in all the usual ways, and has changed the way I feel about many different aspects of my life.  But ask me to …