It’s never too late to start university: meet the Trinity Mature Student Society

Ruby Topalian speaks to the Trinity Mature Student Society in how they support mature students in college

Society often conditions us to follow a set path. Normally, that path looks something like secondary school, college, marriage, kids, and retirement. However, the reality is that life is never this linear. Even if you are one of many who


Fashion Soc’s EPIC finale

Trinity Fashion Society’s annual fashion show, Transcendence: The EPIC Journey of Fashion, offered an unmissable spectacle last Friday

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Trinity Fashion Society went out with a bang last Friday as they put on their annual fashion show, aptly named Transcendence: The EPIC Journey of Fashion. Held in the EPIC Museum Building located in Dublin’s Docklands, the show was conceptually


DU Dance Soc reprises annual best dance crew competition for charity

Profits from the March 22 Button Factory competition will be donated to the hospital-funding organisation MOVE

DU Dance Soc has announced the return of the Trinity’s Best Dance Crew (TBDC) competition, Trinity’s largest dance event.

The competition, which aims to determine the Best Dance Crew of 2023, will be hosted by DU Dance and other societies


Formula for success: The passion and hard work of Formula Trinity

Honey Morris speaks to Chief Operations Officer of Formula Trinity to understand the work, challenges and motivation behind the society

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: The four pillars of STEM, and four main components of Formula Trinity. This incredible society builds, codes, designs, and engineers sports car driving systems. Even with their focus being STEM-driven, their team includes students from


Student Economic Review and Phil host Yale in Big Tech debate

Alex Andrés documents the Phil’s latest chamber debate, which saw speakers balancing data-driven arguments with some humour

On Thursday 23 February at 7.30pm Trinity’s Student Economic Review (SER) and the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) jointly hosted the Yale Debate Association in the Phil’s weekly chamber debate, which took place in the Graduates Memorial Building (GMB). 



This House on The Phil and The Hist

Ruth Brady sits down with President of the Phil and Auditor of the Hist to discuss upcoming plans for the societies

College’s debating societies have a combined age of over 600, so when it comes to semester two activities, they possess a wealth of experience. I don’t know about you, but as the Auditor of Law Soc organizing the society’s second-semester