Metsola highlights lack of women in Irish political leadership roles in Q&A with the Phil

President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola fielded questions ranging from the place of EU competition law during the energy crisis, to the experience of women in political life


In a question and answer session with the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) on Thursday, President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola fielded questions ranging from the place of EU competition law during the energy crisis, to the experience of …


Trinity Impact Series 1: From DU Food & Drink Fanatic to Ireland’s ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’

Ruby Topalian speaks with Trinity Alum JR Ryall on his culinary journey

Most individuals who decide to become pastry chefs might attend culinary school. Others might embark on the gruelling journey of starting off in a kitchen with no prior education and working their way up, never stepping foot on a college


So you think you can DJ (here’s how you can)

Elisa Eckstein and Catherine Grogan chat to DUDJ committee members Sahana Sridharr and Puzzy Wrangler’s Ashling O’Connor


As we look forward to a dynamic change in Dublin nightlife, it’s important to recognise those who have been trying to keep this culture alive over the past few years. Bringing new tracks and sounds into everyone’s night out, DJs

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How sexy was the ancient world?

Ella-Bleu Kiely discusses ancient sexual relations and gender alongside the DU Classical Society

Sex, or lagneía in Ancient Greek, was embedded into the tradition of the Mediterranean world — not simply for pleasure but its ideological connotations. However, does love tie into the equation? Divine sexuality has been a topic of interest down

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DUGES and the fight for Sexual Empowerment

Alice Matty explores how Trinity’s own gender equality society is breaking down boundaries and tackling stigmas surrounding sexual empowerment

Sexual empowerment and women — Until recent years in modern society, these two concepts have not particularly coexisted harmoniously. Now conversations surrounding feminine empowerment are frequent and familiar, and the stigmatisation of feminine sexual topics is rapidly declining. 

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GMB transforms into an artistic wonderland for Trinity Arts Festival’s takeover

Ruby Topalian takes a journey through the GMB to explore how TAF and its collaborators interpreted this year’s enthralling theme, The Hours Before Dawn

On most days, the Trinity Graduates Memorial Building, or GMB, is taken over by all things Phil and Hist. These debating societies, quintessential to the Trinity experience, operate out of this building year-around and have stamped it as a hub


Creating community on campus again

Elisa Eckstein sits down with Ents Officer Max Lynch to discuss upcoming plans for Senior Freshers Week

In the late hours of Friday morning I sat down for a coffee with Max Lynch, this year’s Ents officer. Having disclosed plans of a Senior Freshers week earlier this month, I was interested to see if he had any


TMT Intervarsities

Ruth McGann speaks to Rachel Galvin following her directorial debut with Mamma Mia!

Following the triumphant return of Trinity Musical Theatre’s (TMT) annual show, an outstanding production of Guys and Dolls, some of Trinity’s leading musical theatre performers and showmakers set off to Thurles in Co. Tipperary to compete in this year’s Musical


AGM season at Trinity

Ruth Brady unpacks the process of annual general meetings in Trinity’s societies

The AGM No you should not worry if you don’t know what that means! AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Companies, schools, clubs, institutions and charities across the globe have AGMs annually. As a student, if you are a