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Running on Ritalin

Leanne Healy talks to students who use the taboo “study drug” during exam season

Caffeine alone is no longer sufficient for an extra energy boost during exam season. Thanks to so-called “study drugs”, many university students across Ireland are studying for hours on end with the help of cognitive enhancing pills. Ritalin, a prescription

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Neurodivergence in college

Caroline Loughlin discusses the resources and supports available to neurodivergent students in Trinity

This month is Autism Awareness Month, a month dedicated to increasing our understanding and awareness of neurodivergence, and it begins with the United Nations endorsed ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ on April 2. I spoke to Clare Malone from the Disability

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A newbie’s guide to TBall

Abby Cleaver details the dos and don’ts in the run up to the long-awaited Trinity Ball

What is Trinity Ball?

Trinity Ball is the college’s very own mini-music festival, frequently remarked as Europe’s biggest private festival, with tickets available only to Trinity students, staff, alumni, and their fortunate plus-ones. Due to limited capacity and being the

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The final wrap on Erasmus at Trinity

Ria Walls talks to students who journeyed to Boston and Toulouse for their second semester

As we reach the end of our Erasmus series, for this final issue I spoke to two fellow Junior Sophister students about their respective terms spent in Europe and America. 


Ava Browne, hailing from Derry city, studies business, economics,

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“As someone born in Ukraine this war has almost broken me”

Ella Sloane talks to students affected by the current warfare in Ukraine

Since Russia’s sudden invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, College has released a statement condemning it and showing solidarity for “the Ukrainian people”. Undeniably the crisis has had a devastating impact on many members of the College community, including students

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A survival guide to college ball season

Ria Walls reflects on a range of Trinity’s most-anticipated social events this year

Buy your overpriced dresses, find those bow ties and dig out your heels that cut your ankles—because it’s college ball season! The past few months have been bustling with balls left right and centre; from ones hosted on campus, to

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Let’s talk about Erasmus, again!

For the second part of the series, Ria Walls discusses a year abroad in Switzerland with Emma Leavey

In this instalment of Let’s Talk About Erasmus, I spoke with Emma Leavey, a third year law student who is currently studying abroad in Switzerland. Originating from Galway, Leavey is spending the year attending the University of Zurich. On top