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Celebrating and promoting Literacy in the age of distance learning

Emma Lueders discusses what to expect from the 55th UNESCO International Literacy Day

UNESCO International Literacy Day not to be confused with World Book Day, which entailed book tokens and cheap Roald Dahl paperbacks in primary school   is tomorrow, September 8. The theme for this year is “Literacy for a human-centred

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A graduation like no other

Mary O’Harte talks to the class of 2020 on finally celebrating their long-awaited graduation

Recently something strange happened on campus. The Front Square, which had been a virtual wasteland for almost a year, started to fill up with students in caps and gowns. While many had chosen to be conferred in absentia, over the

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How to handle homesickness

Leanne Healy shares some advice on how to assuage the pangs of homesickness that accompany moving to a new city

Typically, leaving for college is an exciting time for many students. There is a newfound sense of freedom that one acquires when moving away for the first time no rules, no parents and a fresh start. On paper, it

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A laptop displaying a presentation called "Scaling human solutions to the information crisis".

Trinity students get to grips with online internships

Ella Sloane and Seán Holland talk to undergraduates about their experiences with this novel internship format


In terms of employability and skill development, internships can prove immensely valuable for undergraduates, often enhancing their future career prospects. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have pivoted their traditional internship programmes to virtual formats in order

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Irish culture shock: from fake tan to city planning

Shannon McGreevy recounts the cultural shifts that struck her most as an international student

Between somewhat familiar colloquialisms that are commonly known to be Irish, such as “craic” and “grand”, and the stereotypical pubs and pints, I thought coming to Ireland for college as an American high school graduate would be a breeze. However,

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Dublin Day Trips

Ella-Bleu Kiely explores some of the best spots in Dublin to take a trip to this summer

This past year, I have humbly taken advantage of what Dublin has to offer in particular, its seaside. This article is a homage to Dublin’s coast and all the many food accounts on Instagram. Despite the longing you

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How to write a dissertation

From forming a proposal to printing it professionally, Ciara Olden traces the highs and lows that come with writing a final year dissertation

The dissertation is probably one of the most daunting aspects of any undergraduate’s degree. Knowing how to tackle it, or even just start the blasted thing can feel overwhelming. However, as a seasoned veteran, I am here to lend a