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Beating boredom with board games

Forget Netflix or Playstation– the solution to your lockdown boredom can be found in a return to the humble board game

As we pass the anniversary of the first coronavirus lockdown in Ireland, the novelty of staying at home has surely worn off for most of us. The things we used to use to relax, like keeping up with our favourite

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Switching off the screens

It’s increasingly important to switch off the screens completely and allow our minds to rest

As a fresher with good intentions, determined to make a fresh start in Hilary Term, I decided a few weeks ago that I would attend more online social events on top of online learning. Already, it is safe to say

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Easing back into the old normal

Saibh Downes outlines the contrasting hopes and expectations that come with the return to the way things were before

Overnight, our society plummeted into total isolation. Our country came to a standstill in March 2020 and has yet to recover. Everything we once knew to be normal no longer is. Normality has been redefined. We are united in our

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Reacting to results

Seán Holland discusses the varied responses to exam results

The period around exam results can be a stressful time. The comparisons with other people, whether acknowledged consciously or not, are inevitable. Some people deal with it better than others, and a lot of people usually go out and have

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Long nights and SAD days

Tips for getting through an Irish winter in the midst of lockdown

T/W depression

It’s March in Ireland, which means it’s cold and bleak outside. And as if Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) wasn’t bad enough, the prospect of being locked down until March 5 is surely enough to make you want to

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An addiction kept in hand

Apps that provide us with harmless entertainment become more dangerous once exams roll around

One of my favourite films of all time is The Social Network, a biographical drama detailing the creation of Facebook and the hubris, lawsuits, and downright iconic laptop-smashing that ensues thereafter. Along with the exceptional performances and razor-sharp dialogue, it’s

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A greeting in translation

The expectation of politeness towards a stranger’s greeting should be secondary to an awareness that we do not owe them anything in return

Krakow’s old town is encircled by a thick strip of green. It’s called the Planty, and it hugs the sides of the city’s historic centre, where every few metres, you can slip into by way of a cobbled street.

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Trinity Journal of Literary Translation– Translating literature and culture through language

Literature has the power to connect people through a shared appreciation of language and diverse cultural backgrounds

“Translators are the beating heart that makes it possible for stories to flow beyond borders and across oceans.” So writes Frank Wynne in the introduction to his 2018 short story anthology, Found in Translation. The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation