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How to survive the Schols exams

Leanne Healy speaks to three current scholars about their experiences with the Foundation Scholarship examinations

The Foundation Scholarship examinations, colloquially known as “Schols”, have been held in Trinity College since it was first established in 1592. This long-standing tradition awards students who receive an average of first-class honors in the voluntary exams with free on-campus

Student Living

Nature is healing: the clubs are back

Ellen Kenny celebrates the recent re-opening of Dublin nightlife by talking to a variety of club-goers

The day had come. Nearly six hundred days of lockdowns, restrictions, and levels upon levels upon sublevels from the government. After almost two years of impatience, uncertainty and masks creating unfortunate acne leading up to this day. No longer will

Student Living

Creating an online community 2.0

Ria Walls gains fresh perspectives as she revisits her conversation on the importance of building on-screen connections

For this issue I delved deeper into the World Wide Web and spoke to a few more online creators about what they do on their various social media platforms. Join me as I chat to Sofia and Fern in regards

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Now Hiring! The reality of finding a student job in Dublin

Abby Cleaver recounts her experience of gaining employment whilst advising others on how to approach the world of work

Looking for a part-time job that suits a busy college life can be an uphill battle, especially with hundreds of other students doing the same. I personally know how hard trying to find employment as a student is, particularly with

Student Living

Creating an online community

Ria Walls talks to fellow Trinity students about their virtual endeavours

We all know how daunting it can be when moving to a new city; we have many questions and queries that sometimes Google just doesn’t have the answer for. Through talking to Trinity students who are part of a variety