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For Ireland’s Muslims, this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr has been unlike any other

A Law student’s experience of exams and social distancing during Ramadan

This year, whenever Ramadan is mentioned, I become nostalgic. I reminisce on memorable communal iftars with luscious food shared between family and friends. I miss wearing abayas, the long elegant gowns, and enthusiastically attending Taraweeh prayers and meeting fellow …

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Alumni Tales: Aimee-Louise Carton on how to KeepAppy

Georgina Francis speaks to the founder of a mental wellness app on her personal journey to mental health, her experience as a women in tech, and advice she has for budding entrepreneurs

Clicking into Zoom, my faithful companion over the last few weeks, I was struck yet again by the strangeness of the situation we all find ourselves in. It has not escaped anyone’s attention that we are in the midst of …

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Alumni tales – Kathryn Dane on why the sky is the limit for Irish women’s rugby

The scrum-half discusses balancing a professional life with her demanding sporting career and the growth of the women’s game in Ireland

Rugby can punish both the body and mind. However, the women’s sport faces an additional challenge: unlike men’s rugby, it is still played at an amateur level, even in the international arena. This requires many of the game’s most notable

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Studying in Denmark

Michael Varley reflects on his different educational experiences in Dublin and Denmark

Before coming here, I had heard that Denmark was quite a relaxed place to be. I had heard that Danes placed an emphasis on relaxation and cosiness, and warmth and light in the long winter. Something similar could be said

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Community, culture, and facing conspiracies: the Jewish experience at Trinity

Jacob Woolf writes about the small but thriving community of Irish Jewish students at Trinity, and the challenges that they face

The first thing to know about Irish Jews is just how few of us there are. There are only about 2500 Jews in the entire country, and the community here in Trinity is reflectively small. We are currently the only …

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Getting tested for Covid-19

I was on the Surf Society’s Fuerteventura trip. I had to get tested for coronavirus

A certain eerie calm had descended on the area between the IFSC and our so-called Silicon Docks. Hanover Quay normally hums with phone calls, overpriced croissants and business suits. On this day, it stood nearly devoid of life, the silence …