Student Living

Studying in Denmark

Michael Varley reflects on his different educational experiences in Dublin and Denmark

Before coming here, I had heard that Denmark was quite a relaxed place to be. I had heard that Danes placed an emphasis on relaxation and cosiness, and warmth and light in the long winter. Something similar could be said

Student Living

Community, culture, and facing conspiracies: the Jewish experience at Trinity

Jacob Woolf writes about the small but thriving community of Irish Jewish students at Trinity, and the challenges that they face

The first thing to know about Irish Jews is just how few of us there are. There are only about 2500 Jews in the entire country, and the community here in Trinity is reflectively small. We are currently the only …

Student Living

Getting tested for Covid-19

I was on the Surf Society’s Fuerteventura trip. I had to get tested for coronavirus

A certain eerie calm had descended on the area between the IFSC and our so-called Silicon Docks. Hanover Quay normally hums with phone calls, overpriced croissants and business suits. On this day, it stood nearly devoid of life, the silence …

Student Living

Alumni tales: Journalist Sally Hayden on migration, grit and staying humble

Lisa Jean O’Reilly talks to Sally Hayden about her established career as a humanitarian-focused freelance journalist

A world away from the glossy masonry of the Trinity College campus, an alumni of our very own, Sally Hayden, writes to us from Uganda, Africa. Hayden and I discuss matters of strangeness, of normality, and of the grey matter

Student Living

College characters: The SU Hack

Brigit Hirsch exposes this House 6 dwelling, placard-wielding species of Trinity student

Every college needs a hero. If the heroes of Trinity are the sabbatical officers of the students’ union, then SU Hacks are their loyal sidekicks. The Hack rises from the ashes of their pubescent years and takes to the proverbial

Student Living

Alumni tales: To NASA and beyond

Dr Matthew Berkeley explains his career, the importance of space dust, and what it takes to literally shoot for the stars

Dr Matthew Berkeley may not describe himself as a genius, but his degrees speak for themselves. He grew up in Dublin, graduated from Trinity and his academic and professional successes include international work on the study of the universe and