TCD expects €34m deficit for last academic year


  Trinity College Dublin’s overall deficit is expected to have reached around €34m for the 2015-16 academic year, according to figures released today in a “Provost’s Review” of the year, which was emailed to all students.   The figure marks a deficit increase of just under €10m from a figure of €24.1m in 2014-15. Both […]

UCD forced to pay additional €2.8m for Confucius Centre after Irish government rejects plea for funding


University College Dublin (UCD) are being forced to pay an additional €2.8m to finish the building of the Confucius Centre, after the government rejected a plea for an extra €2.5m worth of funding. The amount UCD are expected to pay covers the total overrun of the project.   Originally, the college claimed that they would gain […]

College to sell naming rights to donors for €1 million


Trinity is seeking to sell the naming rights to areas of campus in a deal which will earn €1 million over the first five years. College will appoint consultants to identify individuals or organisations willing to participate in the deal, which would see them pay €200,000 a year in exchange for the “name plate”.   […]

Who will be the next American president?


  “Between Trump and Clinton, Clinton has consistently held a narrow lead, although in the most recent polls it has widened to an 11 point lead on average.”   After a year of bruising primary contests and dramatic revelations about the candidates running for office, the final stage of the American presidential election is drawing […]

First you get the money…


  “If Donald Trump had invested his $500 million in the S&P 500 in 1982, he would have been worth around double what he is claiming he is today.”   The 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, was a co-founder of Bain Capital, a spin off investment fund from consultancy giant Bain & Company. Throughout […]

How to fix the American Presidential Debates


  “Viewership of the debates has waned since the first debates were televised in the 1960s. Even when we allow for the increase in viewing choice today compared to 50 years ago, a steady trend of increasing public apathy is clear.”   The Presidential debates are failing to inspire or inform, resulting in dropping viewership […]

Letters to Home: Leuven, Belgium


“Hi, what’s your name? Where are you from? What do you study? Do you know…” Taking the plunge and venturing off on Erasmus for the year is a lot like being a Fresher again, except you’re in a foreign country and it’s a lot more difficult to go home on the weekends. That being said, […]

Views from the Six


  The majority of students are familiar with the Students’ Union’s sabbatical officers, but can the same be said of the SU’s part-time officers? Who are these faces from House 6, and just how do they work to contribute to student life in Trinity? Q:What drew you to the role of Environmental Officer? Did you […]

Inside ‘God On Tap’


Last Tuesday the Methodist Chaplaincy of Trinity held their usual bi-weekly ‘God on Tap’ discussion. This time the topic of discussion was more controversial than usual, namely  ‘why people of faith are voting for Trump’. I was intrigued to discover how people of faith could possibly be reconciling their views with the rhetoric of Donald […]

Increased numbers and TD at student sleepout


Last night saw dozens of Trinity students putting out their sleeping bags for the second annual ‘Student Sleepout’, organised by Trinity FLAC in cooperation with TCDSU. The students set up just outside front gate, between the metal gates into Trinity and wooden doors of front arch itself, settling in for a cold night with temperatures […]


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