Solving the housing crisis for neighbourhood birds and bees

Ever thought about building a little abode for your friendly neighbourhood birds and bees? Never got around to it because it seems just too hard, and a little too expensive? The DU ZooSoc and The Phil paired up on Tuesday to teach us a little something about the housing crisis the birds are currently facing […]

Freshers’ Diary: Monday

Eliana Jordon, Junior Freshman English Lit   Monday of Freshers Week is not for the faint of heart.   I was still on the mend from an early case of the notorious “freshers flu” and fighting a lingering hangover that seems customary if one is to fully ingratiate oneself in the Dublin nightlife scene. Armored […]

How to survive Fresher’s Week on a budget

Newsflash – money doesn’t buy happiness. Experts have found that your flashy Daniel Wellington watch, your high-falutin Michael Kors clutch, and your next-generation iPhone X will not help long-term with the release of those sweet, sweet endorphins into your brain.   Luckily for you, scientists have been able to artificially synthesise happiness into liquid form, […]

TCDSU Ents, LawSoc and DUBES join forces to kick off Freshers’ Week

TCDSU Ent’s Freshers’ Week 2017 kicked off Monday night in Dawson’s Street’s Café en Seine. TCDSU Ents, LawSoc and DUBES joined forces to present The Grand Opening, a 1920’s Great Gatsby themed night. Headline acts DJ Deece and Mix & Fairbanks entertained the masses until the early hours.   DU Dance and Trinity Musical Theatre […]

“Very worrying” — Keane criticises UCDSU President’s removal of abortion information

Kevin Keane criticised the decision made by University College Dublin Students’ Union (UCDSU) President Katie Ascough to retract and reprint their Student Union handbook “Winging It In UCD” because of illegal content about abortions. The handbooks were ordered by the union for students for orientation week.   According to the University Observer, some of the […]

Fresher’s take two

In September 2016 I was amongst the ranks of Fresher’s flocking into Front Square. As I darted dizzily from one society to the next, waving an excited hello to people I recognised, stopping in awe on several occasions to admire the campus – any homesickness or initial doubt was dispelled and replaced by reassurance that […]

Students given opportunity to cheat as mobile phones allowed by lecturer in Psychology summer exam

Trinity’s Department of Psychology allowed students to bring mobile phones into an examination in lieu of online scientific calculators following a change of venue due to Luas construction works. As a result, students were able to use the internet to find answers to the examination questions.   The incident in question occurred in May when […]

Who are they? Your Freshers’ Ents acts unravelled

Dublin city boasts one of the most diverse, creative and welcoming music scenes in Europe, and the fine people over at Trinity Ents, with some help from various societies, have made it their business to showcase a slice of the brilliant events that take place weekly through the medium of ‘F R E S H’, […]

Your top society picks for Freshers’ Week

Monday: One of the first events of Freshers’ Week kicks off at 12pm, with “Debating 101” which will take place in the Hist conversation room. Whether you’re a first year or a final year, this is your chance to know the ins and outs of debating and will give you an introduction to one of […]

Let’s talk about consent, baby

During Freshers’ Week, the Students’ Union will be running workshops for first year residents of Trinity Hall on the topic of sexual consent. Sexual consent is an agreement to engage in sexual activity which must be freely given and reversible: a person can revoke consent at any time before or during sex. All involved should […]


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