Engagement and a renewed careers focus: Education Officer candidate Aimee Connolly

As former Campaigns Coordinator and current Chairperson of DU Amnesty, Senior Sophister BESS student Aimee Connolly places student engagement at the centre of her bid to be Trinity’s next Education Officer. Speaking of her own interest in the Union, she said: “I ran for BESS Convenor at the end of [last year] and that’s when […]

Second round of candidate speeches held at TCDSU Council

At the fifth Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council tonight, the twelve sabbatical officer candidates gave speeches and fielded questions from the attendees, who largely consisted of class representatives.   University Times Editor O’Mahony began by mentioning the history of her involvement with the Students’ Union, starting in first year and continuing to the […]

Campaign against supplemental exam fees launched

A campaign against supplemental exam fees has been launched in the preferendum on supplemental exams fees and modular billing, which will coincide with sabbatical elections. Campaign managers were invited to make a short speech outlining their position this evening at the second hustings of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical election campaign, which […]

Motion passed at SU Council to create Commercial Revenue Steering Group

A motion was passed at this evening’s Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Council,  mandating the creation of a Commercial Revenue Steering Group. The motion, which was carried over from the previous Council, was proposed by current Communications and Marketing Officer Úna Harty and seconded by President Kevin Keane.   The motion mandates that the […]

Alternative teacher offered to students following complaints about Dr. Ali Selim

Following a letter sent by Trinity students, “parallel Arabic language classes” will now be offered to facilitate students who have complained about lecturer Dr. Ali Selim. College have stated that a letter of complaint has been sent to the Head of Near and Middle Eastern studies by Trinity students.   Selim, in an appearance on […]

The sole Welfare candidate, James Cunningham discusses the role

James Cunningham, a Junior Sophister Politics and Economics student from Belfast, is the only candidate in the Welfare race this year. Cunningham was last year’s JCR Welfare Officer in Trinity Hall and served as the Halls’ Representative on the SU Welfare committee. He is currently a member of the same committee and was also the […]

Efficiency and experience the focus for Comms and Marketing candidate Paraic McLean

Communications and Marketing candidate Paraic McLean is centring his sabbatical officer campaign on increasing organisation and efficiency in Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU). A Senior Sophister Drama student, McLean has served as the Technical Manager of DU Players, Production Manager of the Trinity Arts Festival, and SU Convenor of the Creative Arts. McLean is […]

Comms and Marketing candidate Niall Harty talks “depoliticising” resources and society collaboration

Niall Harty is a Senior Sophister Philosophy student and one of the three candidates running in this year’s Communications and Marketing Officer election. Trinity News sat down with Niall to talk about his views on the role and his campaign promises.   Harty believes the role of Communications and Marketing Officer is largely non-political. “Although […]

TCDSU President calls for immediate dismissal of Trinity lecturer following female circumcision comments

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) President Kevin Keane has called for the dismissal of Trinity lecturer, Dr. Ali Selim, who had made comments that female circumcision should be permitted.   In a letter to Provost Patrick Prendergast, TCDSU President Kevin Keane said that “a person who would advocate, openly and without shame, for a universally […]

First hustings of the TCDSU election campaign takes place

The first hustings of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) sabbatical officer elections took place this afternoon on the steps of the Dining Hall. The twelve candidates fielded questions in the event that was hosted by current TCDSU Education Officer Alice MacPherson, with the “poster run” and launch of campaign pages on social media […]


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