USI to speak at Citizens’ Assembly on the 8th Amendment

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) will be presenting a paper on March 5 to the Citizens’ Assembly. USI, along with 16 advocacy groups, have been chosen to speak at the Citizens’ Assembly. However, USI are the only group who will be representing students.   USI will be recommending that a referendum be called […]

A weekend away: Conversations that Matter

  Friday The email I received has instructed me to be in the Chaplaincy common room at 4pm, in order to catch a lift to Antrim, where the weekend’s events will transpire; however, being an anxious person and not wanting to be left behind I arrive at 2.30pm to be safe. As the hours pass […]

Queer prom: the debs I wished I’d had

Last night, Friday February 24, I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Intervarsity Queer Prom, an event held for LGBT+ students across all of Dublin’s third-level institutions. It was hosted last year by Trinity’s very own Q Soc, but this year the responsibility to organise the night fell to the students of the […]

Globetrotting to Trinity: an international student’s perspective

Getting to Trinity was one of the greatest emotional rollercoasters of my life, and I can now say that I’m beyond glad I reached my destination eventually. I won’t deny that studying at Trinity was far from being my first option. In fact, it was a back-up that I decided to apply for an hour […]

Martin Scorsese speaks to The Phil

Uproarious applause and cheers filled the Exam Hall on Front Square yesterday evening, Friday February 24, as Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese received his Gold Medal of Patronage from President Matthew Nuding of the Philosophical society. The enthusiastic reception from the crowd for Mr. Scorsese was a worthy one – in his long-spanning career Scorsese has […]

Coachellaw: a club night with a cause

The (painfully) cleverly-titled Coachellaw wrapped up an action packed Maples Law Day last night, Thursday 24 February, in the newly reopened South William bar on South William Street. Law Day itself proved a tremendous success, despite the temporary threat of raging Storm Doris, seeing eager volunteers shake buckets all across town, lecturers getting pied and […]

“Can we sustainably rely on nuclear energy?”: Debating science’s biggest questions

Over a four week period, DU General Science Society ran a series of workshops to prepare six teams to debate scientific affairs and research assigned topics. Throughout the month, SciSoc hosted forums where both members of the Phil and PhDs taught the participants skills of debating. From Tuesday to today, Thursday, SciSoc are hosting open […]

En Español: Hispanic Soc’s role in improving your oral exam grades

When I first saw DU Hispanic Society’s event, “Desayuno and Speed Friending” I was allured into attending, for the most part, out of a sense of duty. I study Spanish as part of my degree, and therefore feel somewhat obliged to attend events that relate to my course (That and the fact that the promise […]

How to be a hack

  With the election campaigns for next year’s Students’ Union Officers finally coming to an end, the swarm of hacks present on campus in recent weeks has finally dispersed. Some of the most influential names on campus have been brought to the forefront of discussion: candidates, campaign team members, and opinionated critics alike.   In […]

Kevin Keane elected as TCDSU President on first count

Kevin Keane, a fourth year Law student, has been elected President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) on the 1st count.   Out of a valid poll of  votes, Keane received 1,584 first preferences, amounting to 51.9 % of the total. Bryan Mallon received 29.5%, or 901 first preferences, while Thomas Emmet received 12.2%, […]


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