Hist panel on future of LGBTQ movement says Republic must help Northern Ireland achieve marriage equality

Una Mullaly claims that it is “a fallacy” to believe that the Republic has done all that it can now that the marriage equality referendum has been passed

Maryam Namazie speaks at the Phil after cancelled SOFIA talk

Namazie’s speech touched on her struggle against the “culture of offence”

Trinity to review its links with Israeli and Palestinian third-level institutions

The move comes after numerous student initiatives campaigning for College to cut its academic links with Israeli institutions over the past three years.

Trinity professor criticises College for not rewarding merit among academic staff

Professor Malcolm MacLachlan spoke of a need for Trinity to abandon “arrogant and defensive rhetoric about being Ireland’s leading university”

IFUT says Budget has failed third-level education

The federation claims: “The very fabric of third-level education and our third-level institutions” is at risk

TCD economist Philip Lane named Central Bank governor

Professor Lane holds a PhD in economics from Harvard and is Whately chair of political economics in College

Russian ambassador speaks to SOFIA

Asked about his opinion on the passing of the marriage equality referendum in Ireland, he said: “It’s your choice, not ours. We don’t teach you and we don’t want anyone to teach us.”

Trinity panel calls for “raised expectations of politicians” in response to the refugee crisis

issues discussed included an emphasis on the need for rights to be respected irrespective of legal status

Actress Sarah Rafferty receives award from TCD Law Soc

The award ceremony, which was originally due to be held in Regent House, had to be moved to Goldsmith Hall at the last minute to accommodate the huge demand

Budget: Labour Youth campaign on jobseekers allowance didn’t convince the government

Chair of Trinity Labour Youth says they’re “devastated not to see a much needed increase in Jobseeker’s Allowance for under 26s”


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