Budget analysis: helping key constituencies the government hopes will support them come election

With historically low voter turnout among under 25s during elections, there simply wasn’t much incentive to tackle the current issues facing students

Budget: Increase to Student Assistant Fund though no reversal to U26 jobseekers cuts

USI president Kevin Donoghue says Fine Gael hasn’t taken the opportunity to fully invest in young people

Trinity professor criticises College for not rewarding merit among academic staff

Professor Malcolm MacLachlan also spoke of a need for Trinity to abandon “arrogant and defensive rhetoric about being Ireland’s leading university”

Institute of Technology Tralee students’ union cancels library sit-in

SU protest was over restrictive library opening hours, agreement reached with management after social media spotlight

TCDSU Repeal the 8th panel wraps up

Panel is latest effort by SU in their campaign to have the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution repealed

USI holds annual activist academy for students

The event targeted students who might be aware of issues they would like to tackle, but unsure of how to go about doing so.

Trinity alumnus wins Nobel Prize

Professor Campbell and Professor Omura were awarded the prize for their work in the creation of Avermectin, a drug that combats infections caused by roundworm parasites

Repeal the 8th Campaign launched on Trinity College campus

Week 1 saw an Amnesty petition in the arts block; week 2 will see a panel of experts on the subject.

Science Gallery announces development of global network

Google.org have supported the venture by donating one million euro

Trinity falls 22 places in world university rankings

Dean of Research John Boland welcomed the results remarking that they were commendable “given the extent of the international competition”


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