“Don’t settle, strive for something else”

    “Beneath the layer of outward smiles and wisecracks, there was a girl who found herself crying in the arts block bathrooms from time to time, mourning the thought that her dreams had eluded her and she was stuck in academic apathy and mundanity for four years”   Freshers’ Week brought with it a […]

Trinity given permission by Dublin City Council for Oisin House redevelopment

College have been given permission by Dublin City Council for plans to redevelop Oísin House, which is set to cost €50 million to complete.   Dublin City Council’s report approved Trinity’s new planning submission for the “reduction in height, mass and bulk and associated alterations to the roof profile will allow the new building to […]

The impact of working a part-time job in college

“The importance of financial affairs to college students was starkly demonstrated in a report by the Higher Education Authority published in 2001, which showed that over 40% of students in Irish Institutes of Technology who were surveyed ended up dropping out of their course due to financial problems”   With costs of rent and living […]

SU’s pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance: Talking to Students

In October of this year, the TCDSU Council voted for the adoption of a pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance by the Union. This motion originated from the SU Drugs Policy lobby group, who felt that this stance would encourage a more progressive approach to the policy on drugs in Ireland, perhaps similar to that of Portugal, […]

Bob Geldof talks modern life and culture today at Law Soc

  “He was particularly unaccepting of the act of keyboard warriorism, describing “venting your spleen” on some internet discussion forum as “cyber wanking”, before encouraging us all, as university students, to go out and march, lobby or knock on doors in order to make a difference to the global political landscape.”   “Where’s the fire, […]

Garda investigation launched in IT Sligo as letter threatening to shoot students found

  A Garda investigation has been launched following the discovery of a letter allegedly written by an Institute of Technology (IT), Sligo student threatening to shoot fellow students in an exam hall next month.   The letter was discovered in a classroom on Tuesday, December 6. The author claims to have been picked on for […]

Diary of a Fresher: Revisited

In September, a group of fresh-faced first-years shared their first days as college students. They documented their experiences – everything from the infamous “Freshers’ flu”, those drawn-out introductory lectures, and spending way too much on societies that they were likely to never go near again.   Aidan Carolan- Junior Freshman Law and French Looking back […]

Alert issued by the UL following outbreak of STDs

The University of Limerick has issued an “urgent alert” to its student body via email today regarding an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).   The email alert, sent out by Dr Ronan Ryder on behalf of the Student Health Centre, warned all students of “an outbreak of gonorrhoea and chlamydia on campus.” The email […]

Five places to get a carvery: Student-style Christmas dinner

The Dublin food scene has an ever-growing wide array of cuisines to choose from, from Mexican burrito joints and Italian pizza places to Chinese buffets and Greek cafés.  However, as the evenings close in and December 25th becomes more of a reality than a daydream, sometimes all I find myself craving is a decent wholesome […]

TCD Fossil Free lobby for national divestment along with Irish NGOs and members of Parliament

  Following up on Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) announcement yesterday, TCD Fossil Free moved to lobby government for national fossil fuel divestment outside the Dáil today.   Today marked the last year of the campaign, but the group intend to push forward, from a college-wide campaign to a national divestment movement. The Irish government has […]


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