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Poll: Majority support for Irish unity among Trinity students, though uncertainty high

It remains difficult to say whether a long-term policy of support for Irish unity would pass in a TCDSU referendum

In a poll conducted last month by Trinity News, 74% of Trinity students who expressed a preference said they would vote in favour of Irish unity if a referendum were held tomorrow, though almost a quarter of students expressed uncertainty.…

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Ents race: Orr carries a steady lead, but the race remains wide open

With few major differences in their campaign manifestos, many prospective voters remain undecided

The race to be the next entertainments officer (ENTs) for Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) is as contested as ever, with Nadia, Sam Kelly and Olivia Orr vying for the sabbatical post. Their campaigns have somewhat mirrored each other

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Welfare & Equality race: Bennett poised for victory in uncontested Welfare and Equality race

With 91% of decided voters on her side Bennett is on course for a comfortable win

Highlighting equity-driven change, unopposed Welfare and Equality candidate Aoife Bennett received 91% of the first preference in last week’s Trinity News poll. With RON polling at only 9%, Bennett seems all but certain to be elected as the next Welfare

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Comms & Marketing race: Wong on course for comfortable, though uncontested, win

With the poll at 87.74% in her favour, Aiesha Wong looks set for a straightforward victory

Running as the uncontested candidate for the role of communications and marketing officer, final year Law and Politics student Aiesha Wong has the support of 87.74% of votes in a poll conducted by Trinity News during election week. The remaining

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Education race: Arnold comfortably heading for House 6 despite highest RON vote

Promising a “holistic” approach to education, the Deputy AHSS Convenor is expected to take four-fifths of the vote

Running uncontested for the role of education officer in the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), Deputy Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Faculty Convenor Catherine Arnold is expected to be elected comfortably to the position.

With 80.6% of first

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President race: Molnárfi leads poll across the board in president race but change still possible

László Molnárfi leads the president candidates by a significant margin

This year’s presidential race appears to be taking a traditional pathway: three candidates, one defined by her experience in the union; one defined by his stance against the union’s bureaucracy and disconnect from the student body, and a moderate outsider

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Poll: Molnárfi and Orr favoured to win contested races, but elections could still swing

With four uncontested races, the Trinity News poll indicates a higher number of RON first preferences than in previous years

A poll conducted by Trinity News indicates a likely victory for László Molnárfi in the race for Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) President with a significant margin.

The poll also shows a significant lead for Olivia Orr in the …

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Analysis: The UT Editor has never been impeachable

Trinity News has confirmed with an original drafter of the TCDSU constitution that the UT Editor cannot be impeached constitutionally 

The Editor of the University Times (UT) was never impeachable according to an original writer of the union constitution. 

This afternoon, Trinity News spoke to an original writer of the 2014 Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) constitution. He confirmed