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Analysis: The UT Editor has never been impeachable

Trinity News has confirmed with an original drafter of the TCDSU constitution that the UT Editor cannot be impeached constitutionally 

The Editor of the University Times (UT) was never impeachable according to an original writer of the union constitution. 

This afternoon, Trinity News spoke to an original writer of the 2014 Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) constitution. He confirmed

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Analysis: Does TCDSU have authority over the University Times?

Though the union fund the paper and facilitate the election of its editor, TCDSU have said that “violation of the paper’s independence” would be “inappropriate”


A statement from Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) this evening clarified a number of constitutional matters relating to the impeachment of the Editor of the University Times (UT).

In the statement, the chair of the Electoral Commission (EC) which

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Analysis: How consistent is government policy on refugee access to higher education?

While financial assistance is offered to Ukrainian students, other refugees do not receiving equal treatment

The conflict in Ukraine has forced millions of children and young adults to flee their native country, seeking refuge and to continue their lives elsewhere.

As of May 2022, almost 6,000 Ukrainian pupils are now enrolled in Irish schools. As …

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Analysis: What is spurring the growing trend of cultural loss in Dublin?

The city’s development is coming at a cost of cultural spaces 

The announcement earlier this summer that O’Connell Street beer garden is to be replaced with a Holiday Inn extension has added to the growing trend of cultural spaces being lost to commercial developments.

The courtyard beer garden connects three popular …

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Analysis: Simon Harris’ recent comments could indicate a significant shift in government policy

Pressure is mounting on the government to introduce immediate measures to counter the cost of education

On August 17 , Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris, told a press conference in Trinity that he does not believe the current student accommodation policy is adequate.

This was followed by an announcement that taxpayer money would, for the …

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Analysis: The Higher Education Authority Bill does not increase student representation in any higher education institution

The bill will decrease student membership of the governing body in 60% of colleges

Earlier this week at a town hall meeting held by College, Registrar Neville Cox suggested that the provisions of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Bill 2022, which specifies two student representatives on the governing authority of every higher education institution, …

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Analysis: What will student representation on College Board look like under the HEA Bill 2022?

Under proposed plans, student representation on College Board will be halved

The reduction of student representation on the College Board has been a particularly controversial aspect of the Higher Education Authority Bill (HEA) 2022. Under the Bill, student representation on the Board is set to be halved, from four places to

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Analysis: What is the Higher Education Authority Bill and what does it mean for Trinity?

The Bill will oversee drastic changes to how universities are funded and governed. Here’s what you need to know.

On Monday, College will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the drafting of a supplemental charter. The supplemental charter is a response to major proposed changes by Government to the structure of higher education in Ireland, contained in the …