Reject overly simplistic narratives in abortion debate

  I was supposed to write an article giving an argument to support the Repeal campaign. But I didn’t quite get there. I’m so aware of the diversity of opinions out there as, for many, it is highly emotive. It is a question of moral perspective, which an article by me isn’t going to change. […]

Homelessness, fees and intergenerational inequality: The importance of student resistance

In June of this year we learned of the tragedy of the Grenfell fire. Seared in our memories are the terrifying images of a towering inferno ablaze, of women wailing for children still trapped inside, of exhausted, exasperated Londoners, helplessly trying to reason with the wild blaze of injustice which exploded before their eyes. “If […]

“Students’ unions shouldn’t hide behind ‘legal advice’” – Kevin Keane

The law surrounding access to the abortion pill has been widely discussed in the student movement and beyond in the past week or so.   The abortion pill is a medicine that has been approved for use by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and is safe and effective for use to terminate a pregnancy for […]

This strike is the result of years of dismissal and low morale

  The background to the current industrial relations dispute in Trinity College stretches back to the economic crash of 2008 and the Fianna Fáil/Green Party government’s attack on public service workers at the time. The crash was the result of a worldwide banking crisis, but had very significant factors that were local to Ireland. Despite […]

What the SU has been doing this year for Engagement

The SU Leadership Race elections took place last week. During the campaign, there has been the usual analysis of how the Union does not engage students nor represent them. I’m not writing this to shy away from criticism — far from it — but I would like that criticism to take into account the work […]

Op-ed: Why you should support the Strike 4 Repeal campaign

12 women travel to England each day to have abortions; safe yet illegal abortion pills are used by thousands of Irish women through services like need abortion Ireland and women on web; the last Irish Magdalene laundry was closed in 1996 in Galway. I’m sure you know these facts already.   The reality of abortion […]

What Trinity means to me, and what I mean to College, as a graduate

Last week, in my first act as a Trinity College alumnus, I requested my graduate reader’s card for the library. It came within five working days. In my first act as a graduate reader, I then requested a book from stacks. Even though I was told that I had missed the morning call for requests, […]

Why we need Students Against Fees

  “Has posing nicely in the press shots of politicians, building CVs and passing well-meaning motions with little promise of meaningful struggle loosened the financial noose around Irish students’ necks?”   Students against Fees (SAF) was created in response to a failure emblematic of the state of Irish student politics. Last year a group of […]

Open Letter: Trinity Chaplaincy, Boycott Israel

“Dear Rev Dr. Hamilton,   I’m writing with regard to the proposed Peace Pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine, and specifically in relation to the press release for the trip published on the Chaplaincy’s website. I’m afraid I find the emphasis and apparent message of this advertisement problematic for a number of reasons.   Based on […]


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