Live blog: College admin problems


Though College has come back a week later from summer break, students are discovering the headache of admin hasn’t gone away

Live blog: Jailbreak 2015


Live updates of Jailbreak 2015 from the Trinity News team.

Candidates address LGBTQ issues at annual Q Soc hustings


Robyn Page-Cowman live blogs the annual Q Soc hustings.

Live blog: Communicating science through social media


Join us live as we learn the secrets of effectively communicating science to the general public with Dr Kevin Mitchell and Maria Delaney.

Live blog: GenSoc’s “We are our DNA” debate


Minute-by-minute coverage of GenSoc’s debate discussing whether our DNA dictates the person we become.

Tweeting birds in feedback loop

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.59.03

A list of the 250 most influential users of social media in the Irish political landscape features TDs inactive for years and two government press accounts.

Liveblog: Slut debate at the Phil


Minute-by-minute coverage of the Phil’s debate about whether women should embrace the word “slut”.

Live blog: Discover Research Dublin


Live updates on this year’s Discover Research Dublin

Culture Night: more please


D. Joyce-Ahearne talks Culture Night and nightly culture

What landlords talk about behind your back

Landlords turn to online support forum to air grievances and seek advice on how to evict tenants


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