What landlords talk about behind your back

Landlords turn to online support forum to air grievances and seek advice on how to evict tenants

S2S Queer and Allies training


Joel Anthony McKeever Contributor On the 27th of January the second Q&A Training took place in Trinity. Organised by Student2Student Equality Officer Katie Biggs in cooperation with Q Soc, the three hour ‘Queer & Allies’ training workshop aimed to provide an understanding of LGBTQ issues to a variety of student volunteers and support staff in […]

Photo Gallery: Ger Gilroy comes to the TN School of Journalism, in association with TFM

Matthew Mulligan Online Editor The Trinity News School of Journalism series got off to a flying start on Tuesday evening, as Newstalk presenter (and former TN Sports Editor) Ger Gilroy dropped in to us and our friends in Trinity FM. Ger answered all questions from workshop members and a good discussion about radio and the […]

The Unemployed Graduate: Smoking Ban

The Unemployed Graduate takes a look at the proposed smoking ban on campus. Should college campuses go tobacco-free? Here are all the facts you need to know about the proposal before your make up your mind.

Trinity’s Horrible Histories


Whether you’re new to campus and want an excuse to go exploring or need to top up the booze fund by setting up fake Trinity tours, Rachel Lavin explores five of Trinity’s spookiest attractions to visit during this Halloween season.

Referendum 2013: A Snapshot


By Matthew Mulligan Online Editor I went out to ask Trinity students about their thoughts on voting. We all know voting always happens on a weekday; some think it’s an attempt to disenfranchise students and some travel home just to vote. Damien McClean – SF Theoretical Physics Do you plan on voting today? I’m voting […]

Legislating Leveson

As debate continues in the House of Commons over the enactment of the Leveson Enquiry, an unlikely brotherhood has formed. Publications as diverse as The Daily Mail, The New Statesman, The Economist, The Guardian, Private Eye, and The Spectator have joined together to oppose legislation enforcingthe findings of the Leveson Enquiry. For anyone who believes […]

The End of the Page Three Girls

Apparently, Rupert Murdoch is set to end the tradition of the page three pinups The Sun is famous for. Murdoch, noted for hinting at changes to his publications via Twitter, responded to a tweet with ‘Page three so last century? You may be right, don’t know but considering. Perhaps a halfway point with glamorous fashionistas’. […]

What if Bradley Manning Had Leaked to the New York Times?

On Tuesday, the Freedom of the Press Foundation published anonymously leaked audio from Bradley Manning’s trial, containing Manning’s testimony and his explanation of his decision to leak video footage of an American Apache helicopter firing on Iraqi civilians. The audio, which can be heard here, describes a very rational reaction to what Manning describes as […]

Cover and Cover-Up: War Reporting in Mali

Cover and Cover-Up; War Reporting When countries go to war, transparency and accountability are foremost concerns. War correspondents have played an essential role in forming public opinions of war by documenting its conduct and effects. Twentieth century logic often sought to curtail the press in times of conflict, justified, as often as not, in the […]

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