First human head transplant to take place in 2017


An Italian surgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero intends to complete the first ever human head transplant before the end of 2017. Conor O’Mara discusses the plans and controversy behind the procedure.

NASA finds evidence for liquid water on Mars


Una Harty reports on the recent announcement by NASA about the discovery of liquid water on the planet Mars.

“But where do you get your protein?”


There is no one reason that a person may move towards a vegan diet. Many factors influence an individual’s decision; be it animal rights issues, environmental concerns or even health benefits. But one thing I’m sure everyone who has taken such a decision in their life has heard is the inevitable “but where do you […]

Science Nobel Prize round-up

Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 15.40.25

Katarzyna Siewierska outlines the winners of the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine

Can psychology research be trusted?


Can we rely on results published by researchers in the field of psychology? How reproducible are the results? Turlough Heffernan describes the Reproducibility Project and its findings.

Review: SECRET at the Science Gallery

Secret- Sarah Larragy

The latest exhibition at the Science Gallery asks what needs to be revealed and what should stay hidden.

The Trinity Walton Club


There are many very talented young people in Ireland. They could become great scientists, engineers and mathematicians. But does the education system in Ireland allows these students to fulfil their potential? The School of Physics at TCD has come forward with an initiative called the Trinity Walton Club.

The Science of Love and Attraction

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Ever wonder what goes on in your body when you find someone you fancy? What attributes make people attractive? Is love just a chemical reaction? Una Harty and Greta Warren guide you through the science of love and attraction.

Trinity Physics – The Discovery of Conical Diffraction

Trinity News Conical

The 19th century was a very exciting time for Irish physics. The grounds of Trinity College Dublin were walked by some of the greatest Irish physicists in history. This story involves two of them, William Rowan Hamilton and Humphrey Lloyd.

Profit over people: why R&D is broken

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State funding and grants opens up science to a huge amount of abuse by the powerful and wealthy.


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