Ello fever: the new Facebook?

Ello, an “ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers”, is being touted as the new Facebook. Naoise Dolan cuts through the hype.

Discover Research at Trinity

An evening of free, fun events comes to Trinity, hoping to bridge the gap between researchers in all fields and the general public.

Chemistry of a first year’s body

Dylan Lynch explains the science of adrenaline and hangovers

Discover science on Culture Night

Luke McGuinness reviews more science-focused institutions open late on Culture Night

Making society management easier

Luke McGuinness takes a look at Hive, the new society app making its debut this Freshers’ Week.

Space whiskey lands on earth for testing

Aidan Murray tells us about a one-of-a-kind hooch scheduled to soon land on Earth.

TCD researchers enlist public help

Luke McGuinness looks at the citizen science behind Zooniverse

Planet Earth’s most terrifying fungus

Dylan Lynch on the most frightening fungus family on the planet

How to get the person of your dreams – with a little help from science

Love is, rather unromantically, little more than a complex biological process.

Alli is NOT your Ally

Dylan Lynch details the latest contamination claims circulating around some of GSK’s products, including the tampering problems with the weight loss drug ‘Alli’.


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