Sexism remains an everyday challenge for female science students

Dylan Lynch talks to Mieke Guinan, the Trinity student who coordinated College’s first ever Women in Science Week last week.

Evolution’s solutions to hooking up

The world of student dating and mating is not too far removed from practices in the animal kingdom.

ESA’s Rosetta mission plagued by problems

Anya Aleshko looks at Rosetta’s history and the problems that were encountered along the way.

Scientists to bring invisibility cloak to life

Katarzyna Siewierska examines the latest research behind modern day cloaking devices.

Can science explain vampires and zombies?

Turlough Heffernan looks at some of the most memorable scientific theories surrounding Halloween’s scariest creatures.

How to avoid the freshers’ flu

Sleep, garlic, ginger and alcohol-free nights are all key to avoiding the dreaded freshers’ flu.

NASA’s Antares rocket explodes seconds after lift-off

Dramatic footage shows the NASA rocket erupting into a fireball above the US.

BLOOD exhibition review – Blood series, Part II

Katarzyna Siewierska visits BLOOD, the Science Gallery’s new exhibition.

Bloody perceptions – Blood series, Part I

Turlough Heffernan looks at historical and modern perceptions of blood in the first of a two-part series on the important biological fluid.

Debunking the ‘sugar-free’ myth

Overconsumption of artificial sweeteners has been linked to diabetes, glucose intolerance and obesity.


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