Battling bad bacteria

Distinguished Trinity Science alumnus, Dr Patrick Brennan, is to be rewarded in November for his major contributions to research on tuberculosis and leprosy. John Engle reports Dr Patrick Brennan is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology at Colorado State University. His research into mycobacteria, particularly those that cause tuberculosis […]

Solar activity threatens sattelite technology

We have gotten used to using satellite navigation in our daily, from helping us find our way to the store to docking ships.  It has become such a heavily used item that it would seem the akinks in the system have been all worked out.  However, there is one thing that can have a damaging […]

Dawkins’ new book brings evolution to forefront

Creationists all around the world, be on your guard! Richard Dawkins’ latest book, The Greatest Show on Earth, is a collection of powerful evidence for the theory of evolution, making the information regarding natural selection accessible to non-scientists everywhere. Perhaps best known as the author of The God Delusion, Dawkins is the past holder of […]

Toxic drug Thalidomide finds new uses

This month the research journal Science published evidence produced by a Japanese research group that indicates a possible mechanism as to how the infamous drug thalidomide deformed a generation of babies.If ever there was an argument for the dysteleological theory of “bad design”, or perhaps better worded “unintelligent design”, thalidomide would be it. No doubt […]

Trinity Research: Dr John Donergan

The Semiconductor Photonics Group, led by Dr. John Donegan, is based in the School of Physics in Trinity. The group has laboratory space in the SNIAM and CRANN buildings. Photonics is the subject of the generation and the use of light. It is a relatively new field of research and is set to become a […]

Nobel men who deserve recognition

The controversial awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to first-term US president Barack Obama has served to largely overshadow this year’s other Nobel laureates.  Regardless of the questionable choice for the peace distinction, the awardees in the fields of physics, chemistry, and medicine have demonstrated great merit in their respective fields, having made discoveries well […]

A spoken symphony of science

From the internet that brought you the Star Wars Kid, piano playing kittens, the evolution of dance, and the Numa Numa Guy, a whole new viral experience has arrived. An amateur channel over at YouTube has created what is called the “Symphony of Science” – a series of music videos (four so far) with science […]

New signs point to life on Mars

The idea of life on Mars has transfixed humans ever since 1854, when William Whewell first theorised the existence of land and seas on the red planet. Later telescopic observations of Martian “canals” further fuelled the speculation, inspiring H.G. Wells’ 1898 War of the Worlds. The 20th century would be filled with more scientific investigation […]

Trinity Research: Understanding cellular suicide

Prof. Seamus Martin has a long-standing interest in how and why cells die and how other cells in the body respond to the death of one of their neighbours.  You might think that cells simply die by accident or due to old age, but there are many situations where cells actually commit suicide by activating […]

The philosophy of particle physics

It is rarely thought about in the mainstream, but issues in science, from its methodology to their meaning, are regular fields of debate among philosophers.  One of the most contentious of these is the question of the nature of unobservable entities. What are unobservable entities? They are objects or particles that cannot be directly viewed […]


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